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Highseekers MasterSword Install, this most complete installation of MasterSword implies ALL of the previous versions files for stability as...


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Highseekers MasterSword Install, this most complete installation of MasterSword implies ALL of the previous versions files for stability as well as many updates that were not included in the release of MSv1.3 such as the newer helmet model, the lost War Hammer VGUI, and fixed configuration settings for performance!

MasterSword is set in the land of Daragoth, a world of rampaging orcs, of people trying to live in a harsh fantasy environment and of adventurers who ply they're trade saving (Or stealing from) townspeople, hunting great treasures and having a few pints at the local Inn or public house.

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Download 'masterswordvall-1.3-c1.4.exe' (64.39MB)

Master Sword Manual, Version 1.30


1 Starting up
2 Controls
3 Travelling
4 Merchants
5 Experience
6 Titles

1. Starting up


When you first start Master Sword, you have no character created.
You can hold up to three characters saved.
Your starting town must be Edana, else you wont be able to create a character.
To begin with, you choose Male or Female, then your starting weapon.
After the creation of yourself, you may walk around in the temple and talk
to the priests for some storytelling about Daragoth. Sembelbim is a good
one for that. He is just right behind you when you are created,
or you can go straight to the killing by exiting the temple.

2. Controls

[Command]	[Default Key]	[Description]

use		q		Wears the currently held pack/sheath or quickly retrieves a sword
				from a sheath
remove		r		Lists items you're wearing and allows you to remove them
drop		c		Drops the currently held item
get		x		Picks up any items in front of you
+attack2	mouse2		Switch hands, if you're holding two items
+special	SHIFT		Do certain actions when combined with certain keys:
  +attack       mouse1          Unwields your weapon or closes a pack you're holding
  +attack2      mouse2          Displays a description of the currently held item
playerinfo      p          	Displays your current race, class, stats and gold
act             v          	Brings up a list of actions you can do
setsay		u		Switches between talk, shout and talk to party modes
slot[number]	0-9		Opens packs, quivers or sheathes in certain body locations
				1 - Back
				2 - Belt
				3 - Shoulder
mainmenu	F1		Brings up Master Sword's main menu
offer		F2		Offers the currently held item to someone
choosechar	F8		Allows you to choose another character to play
joinparty <name>		Joins a party
leaveparty			Leaves your current party
forgive		F4		Removes an accidental PK from your killer's record.
togglebrowser			Toggles the in-game browser used to change servers

Other Commands
ms_version (in console)		Display current version and creation date of Mastersword mod in 
				the console window.
Running:	                Quickly press forward twice and hold it the second time.  This action
                                uses stamina quickly.

ms_music		        Set to '1' and Master Sword will play the level's music
ms_music_volume 	        Controls the volume of the music (1.0 = FULL, 0.0 = SILENT)

ms_pklevel # (Set on server)    Controls level of Player killing. Set to '0' to disable, '1'
                                to allow controlled (Players must have at least one level 10
                                skill, and be within 200 units of each other), '2' for no
                                restrictions.  The change in status is only applied AFTER
                                a map change.

3. Travelling

A usual transition zone is an open area.
To travel you must press the Accept button (default: Enter).
If there are more than one player in the server, all have to
go to the transition zone and accept the travel.

4. Merchants

Merchants sell you different kind of goods.
You must tell them you wish to [buy] something to make them
show what they have for sale.
Sometimes you might even have to start a conversation before
they trust their shop to you. Do that by simply "Hail" them.
Some NPCs in town will give you a task if you ask for "job" or "work"

5. Skill

Skill is gained by killing monsters.  It's only given in the weapon that
you used to kill the monster.  If two or more attacks the same monster, skill 
is given by damage and shared among the group.
You can share your own experience on two skills by attacking with multiple
weapons.  When the monster dies, you will raise in both skills, but less than if 
you had attacked with only one weapon.

6. Titles

There are no classes to select, but you gain titles as you fight.
Some titles require a combination of two skills.

"Adventurer" - Beginner

"Swordsman" - Swordsmanship
"Martial Artist" - Martial Arts   (* Can learn "kick")
"Rogue" - Small Arms
"Barbarian" - Axehandling
"Basher" - Blunt Arms
"Marksman" - Archery

"Blademaster" - Swordsmanship + Small Arms
"Assassin" -  Swordsmanship + Martial Arts
"Knight" - Swordsmanship + Axehandling
"Cavalier" - Swordsmanship + Blunt Arms
"Ranger" - Swordsmanship + Archery

"Mercenary" - Martial Arts + Small arms
"Punisher" - Martial Arts + Axehandling
"Mercenary" - Martial Arts + Bluntarms
"Archer" - Martial Arts + Archery

"Thrasher" - Small Arms + Axehandling
"Mauler" - Small Arms + Bluntarms
"Shadow Archer" - Small Arms + Archery

"Berserker" - Axehandling + Bluntarms
"Hatcheteer" - Axehandling + Archery

"Hardy Archer" - Bluntarms + Archery

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