Half-Life Model Viewer v1.23

That's a programm to show the models ( Mdl Viewer )


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That's a programm to show the models ( Mdl Viewer )

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                         Half-Life Model Viewer v1.23
                                  Jul 06 1999

1. Notes

  Written by Mete Ciragan, the model code was developed using the model code
  from Valve's mdlviewer.

  Email:  - mete@swissquake.ch
  Web:    - http://www.swissquake.ch/chumbalum-soft/

2. Shortcuts for the fullscreen mode

  - Space:  cycle sequence
  - Esc:    quit fullscreen mode
  - 'g':    toggle ground
  - 'm':    toggle mirror
  - 'b':    toggle background
  - 's':    toggle stencil buffer (used for correct mirror)
  - 'h':    show hitboxes
  - '1':    wireframe (3dfx: smoothshaded)
  - '2':    flatshaded (3dfx: smoothshaded)
  - '3':    smoothshaded
  - '4':    textured
  - '5':    more transparent
  - '6':    less transparent
  - '-':    decrease animation speed
  - '+':    increase animation speed

3. 3Dfx support

  - If you downloaded the version without the 3dfxgl.dll or want to update
    it, just copy it into the directory of hlmv.exe.

  - You can start the hlmv_sm.exe (Half-Life Model Viewer Safe Mode), if
    the model viewer starts directly with the 3Dfx hardware. It just renames
    opengl32.dll to 3dfxgl.dll and launches the model viewer.


  Please report any bugs, comments, suggestions, etc. ... to one of the
  email addresses above. Thanks for using this program.

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