Half Life: Night at The Office

The mod is set in a high rise office bulding that is taken over by terrorists. You have to go and find away out of the building. Later on in...


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The mod is set in a high rise office bulding that is taken over by terrorists. You have to go and find away out of the building. Later on in the story line you meet a security guard who you must pair up with to take out the terrorists. The only real problem with the mod is that it starts to get highly confusing. There are many way to defeat a mission so the difficulty rises. Also another huge problem is the lack of a crosshair.

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Download 'nato_v1.2.exe' (35.39MB)

     N i g h t    a t    t h e    O f f i c e
Version 1.2 (Requires Half- Life Version or greater)
Readme File

Important information BEFORE playing
There is a short Health and Safety section to Night at the Office, which is 
available via the main menu. (Labeled 'Training Room' on the Steam version) 
If it is your first time playing, it is recommended you play this part 
before the main game. As it serves as a prelude to the events of the main game
and an an introduction to some of the characters which you will encounter.

Also please take the time to adjust the gamma so the game will not be too 
bright while playing. With an ideal gamma setting you should not be able to 
see the inside of the air vents, without the use of your flashlight. Except 
of course for the areas close to a light source ( -vent openings ).

mod Information
Single Player		- YES
Deathmatch		- YES
Co-operative		- no
Other Multiplayer	- no
New Sounds		- YES
New Models		- YES
New Animations		- YES
New Textures		- YES
New Code		- YES
New Maps		- YES
New Sprites		- YES
New Multi-player maps	- no

If you cannot get Night at the Office to run, make sure you are running 
verion of Half-Life or above and also make sure the directory structure
is correct :


If gameplay is lagging (running very slowly) try down-grading your video resolution 
and display adapter via the in-game menu (configuration/video/video modes).
Or you could try udgrading your graphics cards drivers.


By Default crosshairs are removed from Night at the Office, however, there are two patches located in the noffice/ directory which you can use to enable/disable crosshairs at your choosing. Simply use whichever patch necessary 
e.g. If you wish to show the crosshairs in game use the SHOW crosshairs.exe patch, or alternatively if you wish to remove the crosshairs use the NO crosshairs.exe patch.

Known Bugs
[X] Torch sprite, if you use the flashlight while going up stairs, the sprite bounces vertically on each step. To avoid this, only use the flashlight when necessary (in dark rooms, vents etc.)

[X] Broken Health Meter, on some machines it is known for the health meter to not function, if this is the case please use the relevant patch in the noffice/ folder:-
-[ old-HL HUD.exe	= old style numerical HUD, for those who encounter problems with the default HUD ]
-[ new HUD.exe		= new body outline HUD, use this if you want/need to revert to the default HUD ]

If you wish to distrbute this mod, you can only do so if all files are intact and 
unmoddified. By doing so only the .exe installer can be distibuted.

If you wish to distibute this mod via a magazine coverdisc or similar media, you have 
my permission to do so, but please notify me (at the below address) beforehand.

Permission will NOT be granted for others to use files/information that were 
specifically created for this mod. This includes story, characters, models, 
textures, animations, code, sound effects, vocal files and/or music.

My only reward for making Night at the Office is to hear what people think of 
it, so any kind of feedback whether good or bad is gladly welcomed.

If you would like to give feedback or indeed you encounter any problems you 
can e-mail me at the below address:


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