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Paranoia - a total conversion singleplayer modification for Half-Lif...


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[i]Paranoia - a total conversion singleplayer modification for Half-Life (GoldSrc engine).

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! This mod contains a modified opengl32.dll file, the chances are that this will be picked up by VAC2 and thus ban you for possible cheats. Be VERY cautious when playing this mod with the opengl32.dll file!

Finally a patch has been released for this great single player modification! What's new in version 1.1?

- Player can pick up ammo from the dead enemy bodyes (with USE button). - Mortal teammates. - Weapon's spread settings is updated. - Enemy's skill system is updated. - Problem with enemy's hitboxes is fixed. - New sounds for the weapons is added. - Models of the game characters is totally updated. - Few game levels is updated (level design bugs is fixed)

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Download 'paranoia_patch_v1.1_eng.rar' (25.92MB)

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