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Public-Enemy - The Dark Future is a Half-Life modification. In this connection - we the developers - set a basic value on a dark and atmos...


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Public-Enemy - The Dark Future is a Half-Life modification. In this connection - we the developers - set a basic value on a dark and atmospheric game world and an interesting character development for the player. In this modification you will find two teams that play the basic role in this game and they will fight against each other in front of this futuristic scenery. But, Public-Enemy is not another Team-Death match game it is much more than that. You will be a part of this world and based on the simple, but extensive character development it will be individual and not another clone. The graphic aspects, game play features and the design offer you new and interesting possibilities to explore the world of Public-Enemy. PE takes part in a dark future - which we know from books, cartoons, movies and games like BladeRunner, ShadowRun, Cyperpunk, Syndicate (Wars) or Deus Ex. It is not a high-technology world like Star Wars, Star Trek or other movies or series which have already colonized whole worlds; it is not a science-fiction typically. It is more a neorealist, dark world.

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Download 'publicenemybeta1.2.exe' (79.2MB)

Version BETA 1.2 (08/03/2003)
See the PE Manual (.\manual\index.html) for information about Gameplay and for the FAQ.


- MP5 SD Zoom should work proberly
- The "setsec" and "setsyn" commands work now, see the manual for more Information 
- When using Metamod the MP5 should no longer be unavailable
- Akimbo weapons will not reload until both weapons are empty
- Dead players can no longer talk to the living ones
- If a Player uses the orbital device all the others no see a text warning message
- The red screen when taking damage is less disturbing
- On a players death the points are no longer reseted to 30. See the manual for mote Information
- There is now a team bonus for each player of the winning team even if the player dies
- The terminals now have names
- Added a counter to display the time remaining until a terminal is irreverably hacked
- The music volume is now turned down if a player uses the HL internal voice communication,
  use the "cl_talkmusicvolume" variable to set the reduced volume value.
- Changed the aiming so that on the first few shots the weapons are a bit more precise and the screen
  shakes less. (The recoil is applied on the view model rather than on the players view.)
- Changed the grenade damage: Impact mode does less, Delayed mode does slightly more and
  Sticky mode does significantly more damage.
- Heavily increased the CyberBomb damage
- Glock 18 is now named correctly in the console
- Adjusted the radius damage function. The appropriate damage should now be done correctly.
- Dead players should no longer be healed by the CyberHeart
- Slightly decreased Seburo CX damage
- Increased Stoner damage
- Slowed down the movement speed in general (the bonus points will compensate that, speed bonus
  due to points caps at +40%)
- Fixed the autoteam function
- Removed friendlyfire completely
- Added team spectator mode for leagues, use the "sv_teamspectator" cvar to de-/activate it
- The radar shows who is using a radio command
- If a player has too few points for all the items he selected they are now removed in the
  following order: Cyber addons, Cyber parts, items, heavy weapons, pistols
- Added duck-toggle and walk-toggle
- The "model" command can no longer be used to change the players model
- Fixed some WinXP crash issues (hopefully all of them)
- Did some speed optimization in the code. Probably fixes the high CPU usage but it could also
  be map dependant, we don't know.
- You can no longer do auto fire and burst at the same time
- Changed some stuff on the spawn code so the spawn bug probably got killed, we'll see
- Implemented Cryss' team selection menu

- Added pe_arena, use "votemap pe_arena" if you are few players in a large map
- Replaced the elevators in db_terrorbird with teleporters
- Changes on all 6 existing maps

- Redid the buymenu category sprites
- Fixed the case origin so you are no longer able to hide it into a wall.

- Made a graphical team selection menu

Thanks to all the active PE forum users for their support and motivation!

Official Public-Enemy homepage:

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