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Half-Life Rally is a racing modification for the highly acclaimed and everlastingly popular game, Half-Life by Valve Software. Unlike most m...


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Half-Life Rally is a racing modification for the highly acclaimed and everlastingly popular game, Half-Life by Valve Software. Unlike most mods currently being made for the Half-Life Engine, the goal of HL-Rally is not to blast your enemy to smitherines with relentless repetition prone to excessive cheating and hacks, but to race cars and be the first and fastest across the finish line, out-running your opponents in any way possible to gain a few milliseconds on them.

And if you cant win straight away, fear not, as within a couple of races you can save up your credits salary to upgrade your car with a plethora of parts and options, even buying new cars, or trading cars with your fellow racers and enthusiasts. The game takes on a whole new edge when it comes to strategically spending your cash and keeping your winning record rolling. Sophisticated statistics, profiles and your on-line garage are centrally stored on our master servers, so you'll never be without your custom modified cars! (Requires Internet Connection)

For the car enthusiasts and modellers our there, anyone can submit their newly created car to our car-selectors who can make the car available to everyone from the HL-Rally master servers. Simply join a game and select your new car, and the HL-Rally Game-server will download the car model and specifications, and send it to all of the players in the game at the end of the current race! Car packs will of course be available from our Modelling Site: Under the Hood, to assist with keeping everyone updated!

In addition to online game modes, you can also play against our fiendishly clever computer opponents who should provide quite a challenge to even a seasoned driver. In addition to computer controlled opponents you can also race 'vs Clock' in time-trials and car-performance testing modes.

This update updates the dedicated server from 1.0 to 1.1

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Download 'hlrb1011dedwin32lin.zip' (6.11MB)


Fixed: Can no longer select model through Steam Browser
Fixed: MP3 volume and balance being reset on change song.
Fixed: mp_timelimit is now functional
Fixed: mp_timelimit and mp_fraglimit don't take effect till end race
Fixed: mp_prerace, mp_numlaps & mp_racemode are no longer set in rally.cfg
Fixed: rally_manual 0 is default now
Fixed: Spectator overlay showing when choosing car
Fixed: Gears flipping between neutral and first when not moving
Fixed: Wheels didn't rotate
Fixed: Camera gets reset at beginning of race
Fixed: Spectator and Bot commands now in kb_act.lst
Fixed: Added our default setup to kb_def.lst
Fixed: Radar didn't show in in-car view
Fixed: Bots disappearing with mp_racemode 2
Fixed: Hot Potato mode is now functional again
Fixed: Possible crash on startup
Fixed: Sometimes ab_ and hp_ race modes wouldn't register
Fixed: Sometimes map change wouldn't register
Fixed: Car customisations disappearing (?)
Fixed: FPS chunking issues caused by non existant player models being
passed into studio model renderer / rally effects code.
Fixed: Restoration renderstate after render of all chrome / triapi calls.
(should fix any glow rendering problems people had?)
Fixed: Re-enabled back face culling for models.
Fixed: Cars drop instantly to the ground, rather than waiting for finish
of 3,2,1, go sequence.
Fixed: Model flipping at start of race.
Fixed: Bots are enabled for track development purposes.
Fixed: Line at bottom of Steam BG
Fixed: Popping noise from VGUI sounds
Fixed: Impreza engine sounds better
Fixed: General optimisations throughout. Should gain a ~10% increase in
Fixed: Other miscellaneous things
Added: mapinfos for each map
Added: Timer to HUD for Hot Potato Mode
Added: Blank autoexec.cfg and userconfig.cfg to fix some issues
Added: New Maps (see below)
Fixed: HP client leaving with bomb
Fixed: Radar leaving disconnected players
Fixed: Default mp_timelimit 12 - server.cfg
Fixed: Crash on select car / animation / customize

1. Smoothed out some terrain so the car doesnt pop into the air so often.
2. Added fences and checkpoints to keep players from cutting a few corners.
3. Added 10 seconds to the start time
4. Added player_respawn entities so typing kill wont send the player back
to the start.
5. Fixed two sticky points in the uphill turns

1. Added 15 seconds to start time
2. Removed a bunch of info_starts so you dont start in the very back.

1. Added 15 seconds to start time
2. Removed a bunch of info_starts so you dont start in the very back.
3. Added info_player_respawn so typing kill wont send you back to start.

1. Added respawn points
2. Added detail textures (r_detailtextures 1 to enable)

1. New!

1. New!

1. New!

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