Half-Life: Rats Mod Beta

Beta V2.2 of the Half-Life mod Rats Mod.


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Beta V2.2 of the Half-Life mod Rats Mod.

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Download 'ratsmod2.2b.exe' (39.57MB)

Rats-Mod 2.2 Beta Changelog:


2 New Maps (rats_classroom2, rats_dormroom) 

Levelsystem (Frag=1Lvl. up | Kill=1.Lvl. down) 
   -For each Level you will get a new weapon, which can not be found on the maps. 

New Weapons: 
   -Sileceable MP 
   -Poison Gun 
   -Hallucination Grenades 
   -Cluster Grenades 

Changed Weapons 
   -Sniper(now rechanged to Crossbow) 
   -Minigun(complete weapon) 
   -Deserteagle(w_ p_ models) 

New muzzleflash 

Muzzleflashes will light up the world 

Changes to the Hud 
   -deatailed colored weaponselectionimages 
   -redesigned health,armor bars 
   -new font for all numbers 
   -colored munition icons 
   -added a 6 weaponslot 

New decals (blood, explosions etc.) 

Breath sound when jumping 

Only munition in backpacks 

New model for the jumppack

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