Half Life Redux v.3.0 MOD



It's the full Half life Game made by Magic Nipples. I managed to get it running fine on my pc. It's shame it's not totally complete. I think the moaners know more about that. The game is free dammit!!



Half-Life Redux: Version 3.0 Readme


[1] Credits

[2] Bugs, and installing information

[3] other information


[1] Credits

   To start off this readme, I would like to thank all
the help I received during the development of this 
mod. Without this help or content, version 3.0+ would
not exist.

#Andrew Lucas- For developing the Trinity Renders. All
   the added effects are just fantastic, so a tip of my 
   hat to you!

#LeonelC- For the model work done for the mod. From 
   rigging help, to provided models to use, helped me 
   out greatly. So a wag of my finger to you!

#Theuaredead- For help with some models, and ideas for
   the content of the mod. I can't put my finger on 
   what else you did for the mod. Maybe it was the DC
   port of the mod. Anyways, a tip of my hat to you!

#crowbar- For them sexy textures. He made quite an effort
   with the mod to make it look nice. He went on to his
   own project. You should go check it out. Wag of the
   finger to you!

#Valve- For making Half-Life 1, and all the other games.
   I thought I could attempt to bring this mod more 
   up-to-date with this redux. But you still can't beat
   the original. So a big tip of my hat to you Valve!


[2] Bugs, and installing information

  For installing take the folder "HL_R" and put that in 
 "X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\amd889\half-life"

 (X meaning your hard drive. And the "X86" depends on your pc)

  You can take the file "HLR GUI" and shortcut it to your 

Now for the bugs, if you notice any, tell me via Youtube, Moddb
   comment or pm. I will respond to you quickly with a temp
   sollution till I fix it with a patch.


[3] Other information

If you want the Trinity Renders then go to the halflifezone.com
   and download it. They also got a pretty good community
   so stick around of a pit if you like!

[I really don't have anything to add at this point. Cia!!!]

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