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The year is 2023. Many can still remember what started this new world order. It all started in 2003. That was the year some nations, lead b...


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The year is 2023. Many can still remember what started this new world order. It all started in 2003. That was the year some nations, lead by the USA, invaded Iraq to take down a dictator. He was suspected of having mass destructions weapons. Others suspected USA of just wanting the control of some of the world biggest oil reserves.

USA invaded Iraq without any major problems at first. USA declared the war as over at May 1th, but for many it was not over. There continued to lots of people fighting against the USA. Terrorists or freedom fighters?

Lots of contries considered it as right to fight against terrorism. Together with USA they formed the Coalition for Democracy also known as CoDe. Other countries soon joined this new coalition.

CoDe started to invade more countries, in what they called "war against terror". Democratic nations around the world tried to keep together on the UN, but did not succeed.

Most of the Middle East formed their own alliance- AiM: the Alliance of Independant Monarchies. They wanted to stop CoDe and what they considered as CoDes evil war. Some nations in the region though, remained neutral playing one side against the other. Europe was also divided, most joined AIM or CODE but a few remained neutral. But the year is now 2023. Both AiM and CoDE are firmly entrenched in their bases of power. Both armies are looking for the next great leader to bring them victory and the heads of their enemies!

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Download 'sow15.exe' (77.23MB)


- New map: sow_Beirut 
- New map: sow_Fort 
- Updated map: sow_Entombed for better connectivity, more shadows, more vegetation, 
more varied vegetation, more signs, better textures and a bridge opening up a new 
route in the water temple 
- Updated map: sow_Nbz, detail textures 
- Updated map: sow_Riyaq 
- Updated map: sow_Khefren for improved visuals, more detail and a brand new route 
from the basement to the main building 
- Updated map: sow_Kantzuo for better performance 
- New menu music 
- Added Ak47 
- Added F2000 
- Added radar 
- Added infrared 
- Added flashbang 
- Added SSPE(Sand Storm Particle Engine) 
- Added basic XP/levelling system 
- Mission description for sow_Khefren 
- Updated mission descriptions for sow_Entombed, sow_Hangar, sow_Nbz, sow_Close and sow_Riyaq 
- New zooming system and M4 can now zoom 
- Updated the class specifications 

Bug fixes: 
- Added correct models for sow_khefren(less sandbags) 
- Players can now only see the location of teammates 
- Fixed a bug in the map vote system 
- Fixed a model path problem for sow_close 
- Fixed clipping problems for some weapons 
- Fixed NVG 

The counters still don't work work, we are aware of that and working on it.

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