Half-Life: Scientist Slaugterhouse (Full Install)

Scientist Slaughterhouse 2.exe


Scientist Slaughterhouse: If youve got a bad temper and are sick and tired of getting arrested every time you vent on your next-door neighbors face, Scientist Slaughterhouse is the mod for you. This mod gives you all the glory of killing massive amounts of people without the negative side affects of massive real-world genocide. Your role is Gordon Freeman, an agent working for the Nephilim Alliance. Theyve encountered an overabundance of scientistssorry, thats an understatementtheyve encountered a locusts plague worth of scientists, and its your job to kill as many as you can. And to do it, you get a bevy of weapons (most of which have three firing modes) that turn you into a human-sized apocalypse.

Scientist Hunt: It's the start of Scientist Hunting season again, so this week we revisit the Scientist Hunt mod which has just released a new version. Version 0.7 gives us a choice of hunting modes, two new levels to play on, added gore options, improved Jumbot AI and more. Let's take a quick look at some of the things we can expect this hunting season. Looks like the janitor called in sick! You can now play in one of three modes: Standard Hunting, Stealth Hunting and Traditional Slaughter. In Standard Hunting mode, the poor confused scientists run around and scream while you frag them for points. In Stealth Hunting mode, those cute doe-eyed scientists won't run unless they spot you and if you manage to frag them while they're oblivious to your presence, you get extra points. Finally, in Traditional Slaughter mode, those gullible scientists will trust you until you give them a good reason not to; fragging one of them will do the trick quite nicely! This season, there are two new locales in which you can hunt your prey...SciOffice (self-explanatory), and SciHorror (OMG - blood red, blood red, blood red! Play it, you'll see what I mean!). This is a very fun mod which offers a nice change of pace from the standard HL DM/team-based adventures. I personally find it much more satisfying and entertaining than even Deer Avenger!

Big Scientists: This time you are sent in to Black Mesa for an entirely different reason Giant Scientists!


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