Half-Life: Stargate TC Full Install

StargateTC is a total convertion for multiplayer Half-Life.

You can choose your team, Goa'uld or Tau'ri and the class of your character,...


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StargateTC is a total convertion for multiplayer Half-Life.

You can choose your team, Goa'uld or Tau'ri and the class of your character, which will have an influence on the weapons made available to you. You will then have to complete different objectives or to prevent the other team from reaching their goals. You will be plunged in the Stargate universe, with 'the gate, the iris, the Goa'uld, SG-1, etc... Everything has been done to plunge you in the world of this wonderful TV show.

The mod supports both WON and Steam versions.

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Download 'sgtcb1setup.exe' (91.5MB)

Changes since last version :

Gameplay :
    * Added goa'uld shield (2nd use of invisibility)
    * Added landmine weapon
    * Added TAC weapon
    * Added healing goa'uld device
    * Damage of all weapons increased
    * Added armor system which makes some difference of life between classes
    * Fixed range shot for PSG1
    * Fixed damage type for staff weapon 2nd use, jaffa knife, weapon of torments
    * Fixed the "one shot out of two makes damage" bug
    * Flash of goa'uld grenade increased (a lot...)
    * Added 2nd use for tau'ri knife (throwing knife)
    * Added when a goa'uld dies, a larva has 20% chances to get out and attack other players
    * Fixed P90 reload
    * Staff explosion changed
    * Hand device animation fixed
    * Created new stamina system
    * Added an increaded stamina regen for classes with a goa'uld
    * Added a health point regen of 1 hp per second for classes with a goa'uld
    * Restricted jumping even more when shielded
    * Added medic gun
    * Changed staff damage to burn so players dont get gibbed by it
    * Added hull to tac
    * Modified stamina system to loose stamina after wounded
    * Increased accuracy of M16 when zoomed in
    * Added blood trails on wounded players
    * New Grenade types "weapon_smokegrenade" "weapon_narcogrenade"
      "weapon_mustardgas" and "weapon_nervegrenade"
    * Changed mine planting so you cannot set it where the planter would make it explode
    * New gameplaymode, alternative count of frags : "ticketmode"
    * New gameplaymode, "nuke"
    * Increased accuracy and damage of the m92s
    * Added server only round reseting command : mp_resetround x (1 : ends round / 2 : reset
       scores also)
    * Added AutoTeamBalance command : mp_autobalance x (x : allowed difference in
       player son each team / 0 : disable / Default : 2)
    * Invisibility now works like Shield (you can shoot if you are invisible)

Sounds :
    * Fixed zat'n'tel sound
    * Changed sounds for a lot of weapons
    * Fixed sound for PSG1
    * Added ending round musics (3 Tau'ri, 3 Goa'uld, 3 Draw)
    * Hand device sounds improved
    * Fixed some sounds
    * Corpses no longer cough

Models :
    * New hands for all weapons
    * New model for Zatarc
    * New model for Zat'n'tel
    * New model for invisibility/shield
    * New model for staff weapon
    * New model for M16
    * New model for P90
    * New model for MP5
    * New model for Grenade
    * New model for Choc grenade
    * New model for Knife
    * New model for Goa'uld knife
    * New model for Weapon of torments

Skins :
    * Replace slave skin by RA guard
    * Improved Teal'c Skin
    * Added shoulder armor for armored class of goa'uld
    * Reset animation variables for weapons to work with new player models
    * New playermodel animations (reload, aim, etc...)

Maps :
    * Added map sg_target
    * Added map sg_strike3
    * Added map sg_land3
    * Added map sg_tollana
    * Added map sg_pyramide
    * Added map sg_prom
    * Added map sg_middleage
    * Added map sg_loop
    * Added map sg_chateau
    * Added map sg_newstrike
    * Added map sg_chulack
    * Added map sg_thor
    * Fixed map sg_nox
    * Fixed map sg_tokra2
    * Fixed map sg_stargate
    * Deleted map sg_land2
    * Deleted map sg_strike2
    * Deleted map sg_tokra
    * Deleted map sg_conquest
    * New stargate version, with better looking, better operating, no bug, less polygon for all 

Visual Effects :
    * New HUD
    * New VGUI
    * Added partical system effect (fountain, rain)
    * New zat shot effect
    * Added moving screen when player makes strafe
    * Added moving screen when player shoots
    * Added zat impact light
    * Added fading for invisibility
    * Fixed dead bodies (and spectator bodies) bug
    * Horus portrait fixed and created
    * Hud weapon selection menu fixed
    * Batsup spark effect added
    * Fixed Hand Device effects
    * Changed VGUI and scoreboard colors
    * Changed Team colors
    * Zat corpse to disintegrate
    * Hud sprite added for key holding
    * Death message colors changed to green for kill enemy, red for kill ally
    * Blue tinted screen when in zat shock added
    * Changed some weapons crosshairs to fit the tech
    * Added trip out effect for larva damage
    * Fixed m16 shelleject positioning
    * Hand grenade is no on slot 6 of hud beside the other new grenades
    * Fixed Beretta animation
    * Fixed problems with effects staying after respawn
    * Updated death drop item to all new weapons
    * Bug fixed where the round time countdown whould appear at the top of the screen 
    * Anubis guard portrait fixed
    * Player hit by hand device push now has fall backward animation
    * Submodels on zat added and coded
    * Fixed some hud render problems
    * Added reload animation roletime definer to let the player animation pass without 
    * Fixed Invis on gate zone exiting
    * Dead man on portrait goes red
    * Fixed Portraits so you only see your own team
    * Modified hud and effects slightly
    * Removed Third person mode
    * Updated Spectator system with overview
    * Added overviews for all maps

Mapping :
    * Added specific team button
    * Added trigger_random
    * Improved trigger_goal
    * Added env_particule (env_partical)
    * Added env_fountain
    * Added nuke stuff
    * New FGD fixed some problems with parsing and added info_observer as observer start 
    * Finished and added solid entity zone_gatetravel
       1. Pushs player like a trigger_push
       2. Stops players from moving
       3. Makes the players can't look around
       4. Hides the hud
       5. Makes the player invisible
    * Added Trigger target on nuke activation see game_nuke settings
    * Updated endround entity reset for new entities
    * Nuke & nuke key added game_nuke, info_objective and zone_shelter

Technical :
    * Stuck client command added
    * Small lag reductions with staff
    * Fixed a lot of bug dealing with ping (better ping now)
    * Fixed a lot of bug dealing with the round system (ex: fixed round never ending cause of 
       a disconnected player)
    * Fixed spectator mode
    * New spectator options
    * Fixed lots of bugs dealing with class system
    * Slight physics enhancement
    * New Class variable (HasSnake)
    * Removed godmode exploit in client commands from a loop bug
    * Disabling last weapon select for now
    * Fixed HandDevice sound staying when you die or go to spectator mode
    * Dumb 1000 cycle loop with no code in it removed (no idea who put it there ...)
    * Snakes are now removed at end of round
    * Fixed changelevel bug for when running in steam
    * Removed some client console exploits
    * New command "recount" for all clients which forces a quick recont of players to check 
       if the round needs to end or not
    * Removed 3 likely crash bugs
    * Fixed misc bugs
    * Players now die when outside the level
    * Added "dropkey" command (player drops the nuke key)
    * Redone hand device code
    * Newround command now works but only when one of the teams has no living players 
       in it
    * New commands in console for Ticket mode
       1. mp_respawntime (time gap before respawn)
       2. mp_roundspermap (how many rounds till the map ends)
       3. mp_tickets (number of life tickets for start of round)
       4. mp_ticketmode (ticketmode on or off)
    * Recoded the respawn system
    * Minor bug fixes completed in various client side code
    * Fixed respawn errors in class selection system
    * Disabled bomb key in ticketmode
    * Slightly reduced lag from gas effects
    * Fixed ticketmode respawner
    * General lag reducing code
    * Quoted out loads of unused weapons code like crowbar and crossbow
    * Recompiled in Release mode instead of Debug (remove ending messages, etc...)
    * Removed loads of disabled code from runtime flow to boost speed by a predicted 25%
    * Removed unlinked precaches from weapons
    * Fixed zat effect after hand device kill
    * Remade 30% portrait code to improve it
    * Added the anti-copy code for the StarGate
    * Updated fgd for the anti-copy system
    * Added player names in the center of the screen
    * Fixed gate zone conflict with weapon_invis

Other :
    * New splash screen
    * New console background
    * Steam menu & musics added
    * New multi langage installation (french, english, german)
    * Installation now works with Won and Steam
    * Updated user.scr for custom cvars on server
    * Added Linux version

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