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The new version of StargateTC. (If you already have the StargateTC mod (v1.0) then download the update: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file....


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The new version of StargateTC. (If you already have the StargateTC mod (v1.0) then download the update: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file.info?ID=26953) Here's the changelog for v1.1:

Code :

New gamemode : Conflict mode
Last weapon select bug fixed
Player portraits bug fixed
Lag reduction
Newround command removed
Recoding of all round system to fix problems done
Fixed a lot of spawn system problems
Dead players dont go spectator team anymore
Reset Round 3 seconds gapping has been added
Stamina drain from jump reduced by 1/3
Bomb explosion wins round after blast
Updated the gate protection code
Some problems with rounds system & ticketmode repaired
Limit of 10 tacs in game added
Completed the class limiting system
Stamina system tweek

Weapons :

Reduced weapon weight of Tau'ri and Goa'uld healing devices to knife level
Weapons can't shoot in wormhole anymore (new gate only)
All machine gun damages reduced
Team kill TACs exploit removed
Zat friendly exploit fixed
Rebalanced Zat
Zat reveals invisible players if they are hit
Mines can't explose when a friend walk on them anymore
Fixed land mine zatting, aka zat dont blow them up
M16 accuracy improvemed
TER invis scanner humms when on
Remake of TER fireing effects
Remake of TER sounds
Hand device push setup modified
Fixed few hand device bugs
Cant activate shield when not on ground
Changed shield so fall damage disables it
Activation delay on shield added
Zooming ability added to Zatarc
Mustard gas reveals invisible players

Models :

New Grenade model

Maps :

Updated sg_chateau
Updated sg_loop
Updated sg_target
Updated sg_tokra2
Updated sg_pyramide


Removed "mp_ticketmode x"
Added "mp_autobalance x" (x is the allowed difference in players, default = 2, 0 disable the balance)
Added "mp_gamemode x" (0 = normal (default), 1 = ticketmode, 2 = conflictmode)
Added "mp_structhp x" (x is the HP of each structure in conflict mode, default = 0)
Added "mp_tacdistance x" (x is the radius of which 2 tacs are allowed, default = 600)

Others :

FDG updated for conflict mode entities
New Splash for Steam and Won
New menus in German
Help menu (commandmenu) added
Deleted the default server name "SGTC Server"
HUD Modification : "#Classe" row deleted
New place in HUD for TAC selection
Information texts updated

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