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StargateTC is a total conversion of Half-Life, you can choose your team, goa'uld or tau'ri and the class of your character, which will have...


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StargateTC is a total conversion of Half-Life, you can choose your team, goa'uld or tau'ri and the class of your character, which will have an influence on the weapons made available to you. You will then have to complete different objectives or to prevent the other team from reaching their goals.

Follow the instructions and install the mod in the appropriated directory. We remind you that it is no longer possible to play online on Won servers.


The Code:

The game has been cleaned from the last fews bugs. Betat testers sure did a great job to find them! The result is simply staaaable! Bug Free (yeehah!).


You'll probably see that the characters have been reskinned. And actually, it rocks! Goa'ulds have never been so realistic! Ho and the goa'ulds now have names.


A lot of weapons models have been replaced, have a look on the new staff weapon, And the dammages have been modified.


You'll play brand new maps, like the dark sg_crypt (sounds like a programm, lol) or the great sg_tekluhanak (but we searched a title! ) or sg_scorpus by our coder Endo. And if people want more, they can pass by the sg_prison!^^. Other maps have been updated and received the new Gate from Brophis, and the result is great! You'll see the brand new target map for example!


[i]Great news: after the inactive prefab, the Gatebuilder will release a set of two fully functionning Stargates; I'm sure that the mappers on the forums will be most pleased!!!

And for the afficionados, the ultra fans, Brophis has done a piece of mapping that would make more of 1 happy: this is the official come back of the legendary map sg_conquest!!![i]

NOTE: For the compleet changelog, check the readme below, it only contains the changes due the readme is way to big.

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Download 'sgtc_f1.0_full.exe' (130.07MB)

Changelog (since version 1.2):

    * Added cvar "mp_spawnsafetime x"
      x = 0-30 in seconds
    * default 4
      Sets time after spawn where player cant be hurt
    * Deep Fried Zombie!!! dit :
    * Added server cvar "sv_particlelatency x"
      x = 1-10
    * default 3
      The higher the number the more spread out the message sets are.
    * Tau'ri knife can now be picked up again for more throws
    * Last Weapon command now works on Tau'ri knife
    * Special gate teleporter can now teleport bullets and zatarc fire
    * Complete Balancing overhaul
    * The TER now has ammo
    * Updated steam vgui visual scheme
    * Vgui menus now have scroll bars where needed
    * Color indicators added to weapon choice menu
    * Only 3 main weapons can be selected at once in the weapon choice menu
    * Daniel Jackson can now choice the p90 and psg1
    * Primary attack on hand device new blinds the victum temperarily
    * Sound effects added to weapon menus
    * Changed choice menu so there is a max of 2 gas grenades selectable at once.
    * Larve Secondary Fire is now a recall command
    * Gas grenades no longer effect friendly players exept for the mustard gas
    * Added server cvars to set weapon costs e.g. "wpn_weapon_zat 6" will make the zat cost 6
      the changes will only apply after map change, it is recommended to be used on server config scripts only
    * Dead players no longer drop invis/shield
    * New cvar mp_flagholdtime x
      Default is 90 seconds
      The time before a capture point will reset to neutral on ctp maps
    * Updated FGD
    * Added entity "info_radar_block" it will block anything verticly on the other side of it relitive to the players potition on the radar.
    * Created 2 new cvars:
      Changes Points x given to players when they kill someone or are killed
      mp_killpoints x
      mp_diepoints x
    * Added New bullet impact effects
    * Player movement prediction corrections
    * Added observed point ai selector (AI Determines the best possible position and direction angle for non tracking observer)
    * Conflict mode has been adapted to work on maps without set struct entities by replaceing a spawn point with a struct entity (Mappers setting struct is still recommended)
    * Weapon buttons on choice menu now appear red when you cannot afford them
    * Added translation titles in choice menu (Used, Total & Free)
    * Added spawn point floor auto align to make sure when you spawn players dont fall for a moment or get stuck in the floor
    * Fixed observer positioning for newly joined players
      Added custom color command for player "customcolor x"
      changes the color of the players text on the portrait
    * Portrait system remade and enchanced to include more player details
    * Upgraded the hud with moving parts
    * Armor bar now shows % of armour from classes maximum armour
    * Hud Colored indicator bars modified to improve appearence
    * GagGoa can now be picked up to be used again like in the show
    * 4 points are now given to a player who sets off the bomb
    * Added The C4 to the gas can choice menu limit
    * Player Pack mode packs modified
    * New server cvar "mp_superweapons"
      Disables Usas and GL staff
      Default = 0
      0 = disabled, 1 = enabled
      Note: Does not apply to captain modes team captains
    * Captains in captain mode allways have access
      to super weapons weapons
    * Added server cvar "mp_instantdeath"
      default 0
      when active makes all weapons do 2000 damage
    * Fix for radar moving up and down when portraits are disabled
    * Fix for overflow on particle maps using a latency system for the particles
    * Fixed larve not attacking problem
    * Fixed reverse direction for staff proj bug
    * Fixed mustard gas grenade crashing server when entering gate teleporter bug
    * Fixed sgtc welcome menu button size in 800x600 resolution
    * Fixed known reload problems (timing, reload failures ect)
    * Fixed hand device pushing tac's bug
    * Fixed some problems with goa'uld healing device ammo spending
    * Fixed zooming spam bug on the psg1
    * Fix for medical weapon ammo draining bug
    * Psg1 reload repeating fixed
    * Fixed crash problems and animation problems with primary attack on hand device
    * Fixed Scoreboard problems when displaying spectators details
    * Fixed Choice menu problems with display of cost
    * Fixed team killing problems with explosives
    * Bug fixes for various sound problems
    * Fixed observer positioning when joined server
    * Fixed portrait system (remake)
    * Fixed Captain mode captain chosen cycling problem
    * Major code flaw repaired in player think conditions (Hidden lag causing loop)
    * Fix attempted for all melee animations
    * Fixed Gacgoa release activity to prevent early flash
    * Fixed strange victory message activity
    * Fixed Knife sound bug
    * Fixed Mines placing problem
    * Fixed team scores not showing or changing correctly
    * Fixed gacgoa build up problem in ticked mode
    * Fixed pack menu exploit for when player is dead
    * Fix attempted on enemy portraits visible bug
    * Fixed C4 selectable when no ammo bug
    * Fixed sprint flying exploit
    * Fixed grenade hover exploit
    * Fixed Portrait messages being blocked
    * Fixed gas grenade landing
    * Fixed Mp5 kill icon problem
    * Fixed tac indictator not resetting after death bug
    * Fixed weapon drop problems in captain mode
    * Fixed damage info to prevent seeing the player info of an invisible enemy
    * Fixed bad message "You have killed your teammate"
    * Many Code and client server message optimizations

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