Half-Life: Syndicate Black Ops

Syndicate Black Ops has released version 1.3 of their successful mod.

The action takes place after the Dark ages (in a far future). You a...


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Syndicate Black Ops has released version 1.3 of their successful mod.

The action takes place after the Dark ages (in a far future). You are a member from the Syndicate, a powerful criminal group specialist in assassination and delicate missions. One of the more powerful mega corporation : Croon, contact you so that you "clean" their little error : Inadvertently they opened some hell's gate and the Federation send its choc troops in order to pacificate all of these things and to bring some proofs against Croon. Your equipments are : last cry weapons, cybertech, biotech and last creations from Croon which lets use them. This mod is composed of 3 parts: cooperative: you can play it alone or in multiplayer. Players have to do various objectives to success the mission. They fight against enemies and meet some NPC controlled by the IA. Individual experience is managed. Each player can chose his equipment. Battle Royal: playable only in multi. Players confront each other in a death match. The last survivor wins the game. Weapons are given randomly when each round starts. Bounty Killer: playable only in multi. One player is designated as the hunted, other players must kill him. The hunted killer becomes the new hunted. Each player can choose his equipment. Available equipment: melee weapons : 1). Fusion War Hammer : it releases a plasma field when it hits his poor victim. 2). Chain Saw Sword : cut as well human as beast. 3). Energy sword : its blade is surrounded with a beautiful energy field, which is very elegant in party. light weapons : 1. Croon PM RC 28 : beautiful heavy and automatic pistol. 2.444 bear killer : Heavy calibre pistol, can kill a bear in one bullet. 3. Canon of the terror : Weapon from the technologic middle age, this sawed off shotgun can kill as well boar as human. 4. Croon Pm66 : Sub machine gun with a very high velocity, particularly in high speed mode. Assault weapons : 1. Croon FA 18 : beautiful weapon, can shoot in full auto and has an integrated shotgun. 2. Official Federal Rifle : High velocity rifle, provided with a scope. 3. Vindico Plasma Sniper Rifle Sw : this weapon shoots ionised shell on very long distance. The shells can rebound on obstacles. 4. Croon Nm 33 Sniper Rifle : Appreciated by assassins for his velocity and precision. 5. Saan Auto Shotgun : Weapon from the technologic middle age, this shotgun can shoot burst in your head. 6. Benelli m3 : Weapon from the technologic middle age, this shotgun is perfect to hunt, with your friends, marines and beasts 7. Grenade Launcher Vindico XA 13 : grenade launcher with two rotaries tubes. 8. Minigun : Weapon from the technologic middle age, very high velocity weapon but also very heavy. 9. Nuclear Rocket Launcher : No comments :-) Each weapon has a kick compensator (on the canon, or the butt...) and an internal interface connected to glasses. Cybertechnologie : 1. Cyber Legs : increase the speed of the player 2. Targeting System : increase damages by 1.5 3. Armor Skin : give 50 of armor, protect all except the head. 4. Cyber Torso Armor : give 100 of armor, protect only the torso 5. Cyber Skull and torso Armor : give 100 of armor, protect the head and the torso. 6. Medikit : heals you and your friends 7. Adrenaline Surge : give you 50 more life points 8. Special Assassin Equipment : surprise 9.CyberEyes : Do You like seeing in the night ? Equipements : 1. Grenades 2. Mines 3. Satchel 4. PitBull You can actually find in the mod more than about ten enemies (assault marines, marines with heavy weapons, security guards, demons' slaves, werewolves, sectum, imp, zombies, zombies marines, cyber minotor,...). Many of these exist in classical form but also in hunter (as in Space Hulk) Some specificity from the mod : - Management of the weight of the equipment, which have an influence on the player speed - Management of the shoot position and the movement, which have an influence on the accurate. -Realistic management of the weapon kick, particularly for the render. - Particles engine, which can simulate snow, rain, flames and smoke - management of critical, perfect, failed and really failed hits. - Random damages as in role playing game. - Localized and realistic damages, but people don't often shoot on me in the reality. -IA : Management of squad’s strategy. Management of the courage and the moral. Management of the behaviour : When an enemy see another dying or being wounded, he runs to see what's happening. If an enemy hears suspect noises, he's going to patrol where he hears the noise. If an enemy is wounded, he searches where come the shot and if he don't find he takes cover. Every suspect changes result in a patrol. All of these runs for every enemy, but some ones have a better perception. That's why werewolves and demons slaves cannot be surprised.

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