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The latest version of the Half-Life mod ''The Ship" for Linux systems.

New Features:-...


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The latest version [V0052] of the Half-Life mod ''The Ship" for Linux systems.

New Features:-

- Elimination Mode - Players are assigned quarries in an ever decreasing - loop with the winner of each round awarded a $10,000 prize. - Hunt Mode - The traditional mode with quarries reassigned after each kill. - New Maps Seriphos and Volantyne - New Generic Male Model - Loads of Bug Fixes - Loads of Map Fixes

Here is a little info about the mod:

The Ship is a unique game developed by Outerlight Ltd. as a free downloadable Half Life 1 mod. Because The Ship is so unusual we want people to play the game and give us their feedback so we can be sure we're creating a game that will not only be groundbreaking but also mind bogglingly popular.

The ultimate aim is to create a greatly expanded, high specification releasable game, purchasable from a shop near you as soon as we can get it there…

Anything you can do to help us make this a reality would be greatly appreciated including your comments, favourable word of mouth praise to everyone you know, liberal pasting of this url around the Internet (legally and not in a spammy way…) and enthusiastic discussions about what a great game it is on news boards across the globe…

We can but hope…

Alternatively, if you hate it, tell us and give us a chance to fix it before you tell anyone else…

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Download 'shipv0052linux.tar.gz' (32.14MB)

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