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They Hunger trilogy is a very complete conversion of Half-Life loosely based on the Night of the Living Dead movies. It features a host of n...


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They Hunger trilogy is a very complete conversion of Half-Life loosely based on the Night of the Living Dead movies. It features a host of new textures, new weapons. new monsters, and new sounds. The whole experience is totally new, and perfectly captures the look and feel of a good "B" horror movie.

A seperate read me for 1 and 2 is included as well as a read me for episode 3.

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Download 'theyhunger3.zip' (66.67MB)

WARNING: HalfLife Registered Ver. (or higher) is Required!

27/03/01	"PC GAMER presents: They Hunger - Episode 3"
		"Rude Awakening"

New HalfLife Pak w/26 Single Player Levels [N.I.C. episodes 1 & 2]

Designer/Mapper:                   Neil Manke
Design/Tech Advisor & Programmer:  Einar Saukas
Models & Skins:                    Jack Cooper
Sound Engineers:                   Dave Obrecht, Magnus Jansén
Zombie Bull & Chicken Models:      Dik "Hollowmind" Askren
Asst. Sound Engineer:              Bennett Malbon
DM Maps:                           Dave Waters

web site:      http://www.planethalflife.com/manke/

If you want to see more 'PC Gamer presents' Halflife levels, write
and let us know! Send e-mail to the PC Gamer Disc Editor....

Jeremy Williams <jeremy@pcgamer.com>

"You Are What I Eat" 
Song by:                Bennett Malbon & Dave Obrecht

Lead Tester:            Paul Taylor

Custom Textures:        Neil Manke

End Scene Badomen Sky:  Mighty Pete

Cloudy Gray Sky:        Nick "Crinity" Coombe

Misc. Art Help:         Ted Anderson
                        C-S textures used: Barking Dog
                        Paul "Blue2K" Parry

Taurus PT145T Handgun
& G36 Sniper Rifle by:  Sebastian Croon a.k.a. Spawn 
                        [based on Gooseman animations]

TH3 Walkthrough:        MoldedGuppy (Jerry)
Testing:                Blue2K
                        Brian Thomas Barnhart
                        Don Ferris
                        Mark A. Jensen
                        Richard Sanchez
                        Paul Taylor
                        Ben Varela
                        Dave Waters
Voice acting:           Brian Thomas Barnhart
                        Margaret A. Dessypris
                        Bennett Malbon
                        Dave Obrecht
                        Richard James Ramirez
                        Richard Sanchez
                        Jack Cooper
                        Magnus Jansén



1) Make sure you have Halflife version or higher,
i.e. one of those versions that include "Team Fortress 1.5"
(instead of "Team Fortress Classic"). To update your version
of Half-Life go to http://planethalflife.com/files/
or use Sierra's AutoUpdate feature. 

NOTE: They Hunger will NOT work with 'Opposing Forces' or 
'Game of the Year' versions of Half-Life

2) Install They Hunger into the Halflife directory. Now the
file layout should look as follows:

        +--- HUNGER
        |       |
        |       +-- They_Hunger1_2.txt
        |       +-- They_Hunger3.txt
        |       +-- liblist.gam
        |       +-- neilm2.wad
        |       +-- neilm4.wad
        |       +-- neilm5.wad
        |       +-- cs_bdog.wad
        |       +-- cached.wad
        |       +-- pak0.pak
        |       +-- pak1.pak
        |       +-- pak2.pak
        |       +-- pak3.pak
        |       +-- pak4.pak
        |       +-- titles.txt
        |       +-- mapcycle.txt
        |       +-- hunger.ico
        |       +-- MEDIA
        |       |      |
        |       |      +-- logo.avi
        |       |
        |       +-- DLLS
        |       |      |
        |       |      +-- einar.dll
        |       |
        |       +-- CL_DLLS
        |              |
        |              +-- client.dll
        +--- TFC
        +--- VALVE

3) Now start HalfLife normally.

4) From the main menu, click on "Custom game". You will see
now a list of all the mods available on your computer. Select 
"They Hunger" and click on "Activate". (If you don't see an
option "Custom game" then you have to update your version
of Halflife!)

5) Select "Done" to return to the main HalfLife menu. The
"They Hunger" logo should appear on the screen.

6) Now start a new game and select your skill level. You are
now playing They Hunger episode 1!

7) If you wish to only play They Hunger episode 3, then you
must first start a new game and select your skill level.
After this, press ESC and click on option "They Hunger 3".

NOTE: Please consult Sierra technical help and your Halflife
documentation for additional help on how to run custom games 
in version (or higher).


"They Hunger" is Copyright (c) Imagine Media.  All rights reserved.
Duplication is strictly prohibited without the express written
permission from Imagine Media.  "They Hunger" may only be
distributed on the web through http://www.dailyradar.com

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