Half-Life: USS Darkstar

This is really just another episode of Half Life. You're Gordan Freeman in a spaceship instead of Gordan Freeman at Black Mesa. Its a reall...


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This is really just another episode of Half Life. You're Gordan Freeman in a spaceship instead of Gordan Freeman at Black Mesa. Its a really BIG spaceship though. The gameplay is just as smooth as Half Life's which of course is top notch. You get the usual weapons you get in Half Life.

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Download 'darkstar.zip' (10.63MB)

05/20/99   "PC GAMER presents: USS DARKSTAR"  

[A New HalfLife Pak w/16 Single Player Levels]
HalfLife Registered Ver. is Required! 

Designer/Mapper: 	Neil Manke  
web site: 		http://www.planethalflife.com/manke/

Producer: 		Bill Harms

If you want to see more 'PC Gamer presents' Halflife levels, write 
and let us know! Send e-mail to the PC Gamer Online Editor....

Bill Harms <bharms@imaginemedia.com> 

Design/Technical Advisor:	Einar Saukas
Lead Tester:         		Paul Taylor
Sound Producer:			Magnus Jansén 

Custom Textures, Sky/Enviro: 	Neil Manke

Voice acting:		Karin Brander
			Per Jacobsson
			Magnus Jansén 
			Petter Mörk

Bathroom Fixtures:      JediCow5 [used in zoology9/14 bathrooms]

* Thanks to	* Paul, Magnus & Einar
		* Eric Sutton for the Darkstar logos  
		* Otis [aka Frans Bouma] for 'MdlViewer' 
		* David Flor for Half-Life Sprite Viewer
		* Phil Daniels & the guys in the ERC editing group
		* Ben Morris for originating 'Worldcraft' and
		  Yahn Bernier for continuing it's developement
		* Valve and Id Software!
		* Bill Harms and associates at PC Gamer 

* Thanks to the testers... 
		* Dennis Plester
		* Gene Spinks
		* Morgan Parry 
		* Magnus Jansén 
		* Paul Taylor
		* Einar Saukas
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Prologue ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  	To: Mr. Walter Bennett 
  	From: Dr. Einar Saukas <www.ime.usp.br/~einar>
  	Subject: Offer of Employment

  	Dear Mr. Walter Bennett,

  	Black Widow Inc. would like to invite you to join our
  	organization. You would be assigned as a member of the
  	multi-disciplinary scientific team on board of the USS
  	DARKSTAR, in a zoological research expedition to seek out,
  	collect and investigate new alien life-forms in unexplored
  	sectors of the universe.

  	This mission occurs in the year 2066, but since you have
  	already travelled to the future before, this should not be a
  	problem for you. The space-time window to come to our present
  	time will be available in just a few days, please decide ASAP
  	about your interest in this job opportunity.

  	You have been selected for this position by Cmdr. Neil Manke
  	due to your broad knowledge on advanced biochemistry and
  	extensive experience interacting with hostile aliens. Your
  	proven capacity to survive under critical conditions was also
  	considered. But actually you don't have anything to worry
  	about, our project is adopting the most rigorous safety
  	measures to prevent incidents. I can personally guarantee
  	everything is under control and none of the crew will be ever
  	submitted to any risk situations whatsoever. This is
  	certainly going to be a calm, quiet and relaxing journey, as
  	you can already predict from the pictures of our impressive
  	spaceship installations at <www.planethalflife.com/manke>.

  	We are looking forward to having you on our team!

  	Dr. Einar Saukas
  	Administration Office
  	Black Widow Inc.

Mr. Walter Bennett was one of the several famous scientists
invited to participate on this mission. You are Dr. Gordon
Freeman, a brilliant researcher that always had problems to
wake up on time...


Remember, you must own a copy of the full retail version of 
HALFLIFE(r) in order to play this extra single-player level pak.  
For additional information on how to purchase your very own copy of 
HALFLIFE(r) please contact 
or visit you local computer software retail store.  Please read this 
text file for complete installation and play details for this extra 
level[s] "pak" file.  

HALFLIFE(r) is a registered trademark 


-some verbal messages are very important so listen carefully

-you will need to know how to 'crouch-jump' to make it through this
pak. This is covered in the Halflife training course, and it 'may'
be in the little HL game manual?

-if you use cheat codes you will disrupt the normal course of events
and may even get stuck some places. if you 'must' use god mode make 
sure you still 'visit' all recharge stations, or you will get halted 
in your progress through the maps.


1) Create a subdirectory "darkstar" under the HALFLIFE directory
(parallel to the "valve" directory). Create a subdirectory "media"
under the DARKSTAR directory.

2) Unzip all the files [except logo.avi] in darkstar.zip into the 
darkstar directory you created. Unzip logo.avi into the "media"
folder you created. The layout should look as follows:

   	+--- DARKSTAR
   	|	|  
	|	+-- darkstar.txt 
        |   	+-- liblist.gam         
	|	+-- neilm.wad
	|	+-- pak0.pak
	|	+-- titles.txt
	|	+-- MEDIA
	|		|
	|		+-- logo.avi
	+--- TFC
   	+--- VALVE

3) Now start HL normally.

4) From the main menu, click on "Custom game". You will see
now a list of all the mods available on your computer. Select 
Darkstar and click on "Activate".

5) Select "Done" and then return to main HL menu. The Darkstar
logo should appear on the screen.

6) Now start a new game, select the skill level.... That's all!

NOTE: Please consult Sierra technical help and your Halflife
documentation for help on how to run custom games in version

* Level information *

Single Player Maps      : YES

Deathmatch/Co-op        : No

New Graphics            : Mostly Valve's textures but a few new ones
		   	  by me and some altered Valve textures. 
			  New sky/enviro by me. 
New Models/Code	    	: NO
New Sounds		: Yes... many new sounds by Magnus Jansén

Base                    : new levels from scratch 

Tools used              : Worldcraft 2.0, qART, Paint Shop Pro, 
			  PakExplorer, QPed, Wally, SkyPaint,
			  Spriteviewer, MdlViewer, etc.

Known Bugs/nonbugs	: the HL monsters that speak custom dialoge 
			cannot be fully stopped from also 
			occassionally saying regular dialoge from HL, 
			thus they can sometimes speak in 2 voices:]
Distribution  : PC Gamer requests that USS Darkstar is only distributed
 		by them and will be done so at NO CHARGE to the 
		recipient, USS Darkstar may not be used or modified 
		in any way without written permission from the 
		author and PC Gamer.  I would like to request anyone 
		who reviews "PC GAMER presents: USS DARKSTAR" at their 
		site to kindly inform me that they have done so. 
		Thank you! 
		This level may not be distributed on any medium, such 
		as, but not limited to, CDs, floppy disks, etc, 
		without the express written permission of PC Gamer.

Property      : The custom textures/skins/graphics/code/sounds are the 
		property of their respective authors and ARE NOT to be 
		used in any other add-ons levels/paks/etc. without the 
		written permission of the appropriate author.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++ HELP/HINTS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Please check the USS Darkstar page @ 
for a walk-through of USS Darkstar

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