Half-Life: Vampire Slayer - Chapter V

Vampire Slayer is a multiplayer, team-play modification for Half-Life.

You play as either a Vampire, or a Slayer, in rounds where the obj...


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Vampire Slayer is a multiplayer, team-play modification for Half-Life.

You play as either a Vampire, or a Slayer, in rounds where the objective is to wipe out the opposition. The Vampires use speed, stealth, and the ability to jump very high to attack or evade the human slayers. Slayers have normal jump and run abilities, but also carry deadly weapons which can be used to take out the vampires from a distance. In order to kill a vampire, it will have to be staked by hand or with the stake launching crossbow.

This mod also comes with bots included for single player games.

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Download 'vs.exe' (71.18MB)

Vampire Slayer

www.vsmod.com - routetwo@planethalflife.com

Chapter V, Saturday 1st February 2003 by Routetwo

Added: New slayer - Eightball
Added: Weapon - Winchester rifle
Added: Weapon - Thunder Five
Added: Weapon - Pool Cue
Added: Three new maps - vs_redlight, vs_ehb_ctc, vs_mummy
Added: SDK 2.3 dead cameras including first person dead cam, overviews, auto-director
Added: Smoke puff bullet impact (cl_smokepuffs)
Added: Spark streaks to bullet impact (cl_bulltetsparks)
Added: Capture the Cross game mode.
Added: Destroy the Coffins style game mode.
Added: Vampire crosshair
Added: Bodyfall sound
Added: Full body animation for vampire run
Added: VGui round end graphics
Added: Slayers drop weapon when arm or leg hit
Change: vs_station and vs_church use new game modes.
Change:	Removed uzi tracer
Change:	Increased size of p_shotty and p_xbow
Change:	Tidied crosshairs
Change:	Increased uzi clip to 36
Change:	Decreased dbshotty accuracy
Change:	Nina resurrect at 20
Change: Edgar go totaly invisible when stationary
Change:	Louis silent attack ability
Change: Removed 3rd person view
Change: Claws to Chapter.III timing
Change: Reduced hit rebound and added to immune FD
Change: Map fixes for raven and jailhouse
Change: Map vs_hunt becomes vs_blizzard
Fix:	Fixed dead cam keys "next spectator/mode select" bug

Special thanks to Katharii for all his hard work on the models and
to Rich Taylor for making the Linux version.
Thanks to Lily, Sobek, Ghostly and Father Brandon for the new maps.

Chapter IV, Thursday 6th June 2002 by Routetwo

Voice comms
Overviews and HLTV
Effects system for maps including fog
Three new maps, vs_jailhouse, vs_raven and vs_hunt
New louis model
Smoking vampires in sunlight
Improved bots (waypoints for every official map included)
Revised vs_lynch
Improved chase cameras with health displayed
Client side gibs and cvar for amount
Added sv commands for clan matches
Gameplay tweaks to Molly and Edgar
Updated log messages

Chapter III, Saturday 15th December 2001 by Routetwo

New Molly Model.
New Uzi Model and Anims, Clip throw and shells and sound fx.
New Mossberg Shotgun Model and Anims.
New DB Shotgun Model and Anims.
New Stake and Crucifix Model and Anims.
New Mossberg, dbshotty, stake and uzi p_model's.
New Weapon pack model.
New player reload anims.
New pray anim.
New 'use vampire ability' anims.
New hud font and cols.
New front GUI and sounds.
New sprites for all weapon changes.
Tidied FatherD model.
New Maps
Tweaked Maps

Additions/Tweaks/Bug Fixes:

Vamp Abilities 
	Louis: Nightvision
	Nina:  Sunlight immunity
	Edgar: Stealth

	bounce, use,
	blood stream, 
	sounds, models. 
	server var.

	Bots activated by menu, integrated in the mod.
	Based on Botmans HPB bot, see www.planethalflife.com/botman for more info.

Completely re-wrote stake,colt & claws based on SDK2.2 code
Implemented claws - server side and client side. server var. Default to clientside.
No xbow downed vamps.
Uzi strength lowered
Uzi less ammo.
Uzi smaller clip.
See ability charge on hud.
Vamps do reduced damage with leg or arm slash.
xbow only kill on chest - otherwise knock out. 
Class max limit server vars. mp_maxmolly etc.
Reset many more map entities at round end, lifts/trains/etc
Wrote client side 'who am I pointing at' to stop overflows.
Round failing to end fixed.
'jittery' staking collision fixed.
Players getting stuck together - jump to seperate. Fixed.
Claws - hitbody sound back. Fixed.

Beta Version 2.0, 26-Jun-2001 by Routetwo.


New Netcode

Vampire Player Model Nina

Double Barrel Shotgun for Father D

Colt Government and Stake for Molly

Crossbow replacement for Molly

Father D Immunity praying secondary attack

Vampire Vision secondary attack

Eight New Maps: vs_cloisters, vs_capitol, vs_millstreet, vs_house, vs_cemetery, 
vs_carnival, vs_station, vs_thetombs

mp_autobalance server command

'timeleft' console command

Kill Sprites

Resurrect/Downs on scoreboard

Vampire Third Person Model Anims

Bug Fixes

Disappearing bodies when crouched

Vamps 'corpse jumping' when downed

Join menu telefragging

Autobalance on most recent player to join

Beta Version 1.1, 4-March-2001 by Routetwo.


Three new maps.

Sunlight - burns vampires.

Auto team balancing.

Reset map entities each round.

TK Punish.

Team wound message.

Who's dead on scoreboard

Vamps run faster.

Reduced stake trace dist.

Reduced vamp-vamp hit.

Bug Fixes
Vamps getting stuck ground/vents. 

Vamps moving while downed.

Switching teams when you have died within 30 secs.

Vamps being killed by normal weapons - mostly.

Vamps picking up a stake when they have found a crowbar.

Auto-Team Selection. 

MOTD.TXT messing up front end.

Drop cmd

Model cheating.

Torches left on.

Name changing when dead.

server.cfg/listenserver.cfg disable game pause.

Map Problems Fixed

Spawn points in Asylum. 

Office camping on Asylum. 

Castle tower camping.

School gym camping.

Beta Version 1.0, 28-Jan-2001

Initial commit :)

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