Half-Life: Visitors Modification



Dr. Alan Green published his book 'Black Mesa Background' in August 2003, just one year ago. This book is about his one-week job in the Black Mesa Research Facility as a state-controlled safety evaluator within a fact-finding commission to carry out a safety report. But the job changed his life completely; and after the publication of his book his life was changed again.

Alan Green was forced to maintain silence in years over the incidents since August 1998. But five years later he brought himself to tell the public about all incidents in the deepest desert of New Mexico and the deaths and disappearance of hundreds of people. Only a few days after the publication of his book in 2003, Green was posted as missing by his wife and after only a few days the police put the case to file as unexplained.

Since then Alan Green is all times disappeared, but obviously he knew the danger he was in with his book. Some people told, they saw him on the streets, but other people are sure of that the organizations are responsible for his disappearance which Green mentioned in his book. The truth, and if possible a second book about all incidents since 2003 will let on with Alan Greens comeback.

Half-Life Visitors is a single player MOD for Half-Life. This is an updated installer for the WON version of the game.


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