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Wizard Wars is a new Half-Life add on (mod) that pits teams of spell flinging wizards head to head in a magical maelstrom! Wizard Wars lets...


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Wizard Wars is a new Half-Life add on (mod) that pits teams of spell flinging wizards head to head in a magical maelstrom! Wizard Wars lets you choose from nine different sorcerers, each with varying strengths and special abilities, to battle other mages in a variety of settings and objectives. From “Capture the Grail” to Deathmatch, in teams or with every magician on his own, Wizard Wars allows great flexibility in the maps played, objectives set (if any), and points earned. For those who like the idea of fast-paced all-out fighting with impressive and surprising magical staves and spells, Wizard Wars is sure to please

Installation instructions: Download Wizard Wars from one of the mirrors below. Make sure that you have Steam Installed, and that your Steam Account is valid copy of Half-Life and installed. If you do not have Steam installed, download it from http://www.steampowered.com. Double click on the "Wizard Wars 1.2 Full.exe" file you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions Start Steam, and Wizard Wars Should be available under "Third Party Games".

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Download 'wizard_wars1.2_full.exe' (56.05MB)

Readme File:
Changes since Version 1.2: 

Fixed Bots getting stuck in observer mode
Fixed players spawning inside each other
Fixed Dracomancers Dragon Breath originating at hip in third person view

Modified Fissure to have an 8 second pause between firing to prevent spamming
Modified PID for Thornbush to include it's number
Attempt to fix SZ_GetSpave error by making bots wait for 3 seconds after a player
leaves before attempting to join
Fixed Team 4 never being selected in Auto Team
Fixed Bots not attacking Thorn plants in DM
Fixed Thornbush not making noise when first spawned
Fixed Burrs not always self destructing
Fixed Bots not joining team with least players
Fixed Thorn plants dieing crashing server

Fixed Server Crashes when Breakables are removed
Fixed Bot shooting allies
Fixed Bot shooting own TPs & bean stalks
Fixed Shields not obeying class minimum & maximum
Fixed Bot to work in DM correctly
Fixed Satchels spawning inside things if you stood real close when throwing them
Fixed Bots shooting at invisible players
Fixed Bots shooting at disguised players
Fixed Bots not using lightning well

Added HPB Bot
Added MetaMod from http://metamod-p.sourceforge.net
Ported Mod, and HPB Bot to Linux
Fixed Sounds Looping for: Fireball, Skull & Wyvern
Prevent Radius Weapons from hurting friendly players if friendly fire is disabled ... weenies.

Fix borked installer :(

Changed tf_debug code to Log instead of just print to console.
Included changes by Kukyona to fix spawn collision and hang on join bugs.
Modified Wyvern to be more mobile.
Removed explode option from Dragoneer's menu.
Reduced Cleric Sacrifice fuse time to 4. Introduced delay of 5 secs between Sacrifices.
i.e. minimum 9 secs between boom 1 and boom 2

Moved SETMODEL in satchels to precache so they get set before spawn sets the model sequence.

Lowered fissure area of effect from 512 to 206

Thorn Plants
Reduced initial growth time by 50%

Raised health by 50%
LVL 1 was 200 now 250
LVL 2 was 250 now 400
LVL 3 was 300 now 550

(Fireball damage = 100, wind satchel damage = 150.0)

Lowered cost to fertilize
LVL1 to LVL2 was 150 now 80
LVL2 to LVL3 was 190 now 120

Sinking in to the ground some times:
Changed movetype to MOVETYPE_STEP was MOVETYPE_TOSS,
Tested as Red Team in ww_keep putting TP in rafters in Red Grail room

Made it so wind wizard satchels do not affect TPs

Lowered Cleric satchel heal/damage from 220 to 80

Drop Grail when client disconnected

Cleric Sacrifice:
reuse delay from 4 to 10 seconds
Changed damage from halving current health/armor to 200
Lowered heal from 300 per team mate to 100

Modified levitate to allow Ice Mage to slow Aero down by freezing him

Wizard O Death
Doubled Death Ray damage from 10 to 20
Increased Skull damage from 35 to 45
Increased Skull radius from 64 to 96

Wizard O Dragons
Edit1 Dragon Breath damage from 10 to 20
Increased Dragon Breath range from 200 to 300
Increased Wyvern damage from 35 to 45
Increased Wyvern radius from 64 to 96
Increased Wyvern life from 2 to 4 seconds
Increased Wyvern hunt life from 3 to 6 seconds
Increased Wyvern speed from 400 to 600

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