Half-Life Zombie Panic V0.93-0.94 Patch



The basic idea of the mod is straight out of many different horror films: Zombies are coming for the last remaining humans, and the humans must fight them off as best they can. The way it works is this:

Everyone joins a server, say 10 people. All of the players but one join the Survivors team, which is the humans. The remaining player joins the Zombie team. His goal is to kill all of the humans. The humans' goal, of course, is to stay alive as long as possible. The catch is that everytime a zombie is killed, he simply respawns and continues to play. If a human is killed, he respawns as a Zombie on the Zombie team. Soon, more and more humans have joined the ranks of the zombies, until there is only one human left, facing all of the zombies alone. When the last human dies, the round is over. That is the gameplay in a nutshell.

Be sure to grab the Zombie Panic V0.93 Full Install before patching if you haven't done so already.



Zombie Panic! v 0.94 Changelog


- Anti-telefragging code re-re-written by Rhone, now with special non-spawn-inside-your-friends-or-walls-or-outside-the-map Technology(tm)!
- Spectator mode disabled temporarily to prevent exploits.
- Set many more entities to reset upon a new round beginning (To avoid doors not resetting, sounds still continuing to play, etc).


- Objective style maps more fully implemented (zpo_mapname).
  - New brush-based entity trigger_endround will trigger a win for the Survivor team when any Survivor touches it.
  - func_buttons can be set to triggerable only by the Survivor team.
  - "Damaged by Explosions only" flag added to func_breakables. When checked, only explosive damage counts towards breaking the func_breakable.
  - game_text entities can be set to be viewable by either team only or both.
  - New zombie.fgd file to reflect the entity changes.
- New version of zp_zna (Thanks Bloodix!)
- Added zp_hotel_final (Thanks incy247!)
- Added zpo_darkslay (Thanks Bloodix!)
- Added zpo_nation_pt1 (Thanks hi!)
- Added zpo_quad17 (No thanks to Twilight!)
- Linux Server .so file updated to 0.94

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