Half-Life Zombie Panic v0.94 to v1.0 Patch

Zombie Panic, a zombie-survival mod for Half-Life 1, has released version 1.0. Check the readme for a list of changes.


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Zombie Panic, a zombie-survival mod for Half-Life 1, has released version 1.0. Check the readme for a list of changes.

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 Zombie Panic! v 1.0 Changelog


- The grenade exploit is no more.

- Random weapon spawning in the player spawning area removed. ( We have pleased the heathen gods. )

- Wall/Strafe running exploit should no longer be effective.

- Cracked Survivor Face model repaired. (Thanks CoolCookieCooks!)

- Players can mute each other now.

- Spectator mode was restored, but removed again due to a difficult to find crashing bug. Sorry guys!

- Rifle ammo will now drop when the player uses Drop Unusable Ammo.

- There are now default keys for selecting ammo type, dropping selected ammo type, dropping all unusable ammo, and Panic!

- Players may only suicide after they've been alive for 20 seconds and theres a 5 second delay before the player actually croaks.

- Zombie jump delay increased to 2 seconds.

- You can now drop whatever ammo you have left, even if it's not enough to fill a magazine.

- Players can no longer pick up a weapon if they already have that weapon (thus destroying the gun).

- Locked cl_pitchup and cl_pitchdown.

- Func_train and Func_wall_toggle entities now reset upon round reset.

- Flag for func_buttons to allow them to be usable by certain teams only.
(To use this you will need to recompile the map with the new .fgd, but otherwise it's not mandatory.)

- Both Survivors and Zombies should move about 15% faster.

- New version of zp_thelabs (Thanks spacer!)

- New version of zp_ruins (Thanks Watchmaker!)

- Added zp_santeria (Thanks spacer!)

- Added zp_contingency and zpo_contingency (Thanks Olmy!)

- Linux Server .so file updated to v1.0 (Included in the dlls directory)

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