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Half Life Player generates a script for any half life game or mod which allows you to play a selection of mp3 files at the push of a button....


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File Description

Half Life Player generates a script for any half life game or mod which allows you to play a selection of mp3 files at the push of a button. Run the program to setup your new playlist and then select your keys within your games keyboard settings.

Feature List:

o Play MP3 Files in ANY Half life Mod.

o Easily load playlists into Half Life.

o Quickly tell other players what track you are listening to.

o Works on any server.

o Simple setup.

o Quick, in-game control over all sounds.

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Download 'hlplayerv1setup.exe' (6.16MB)



Feature Updates
- Added say track filename (bind in keyboard settings).
- Added basic german translation to the main page.
- Added game volume control (all non mp3 sounds are set by this).

Small Updates and Fixes

- added Cicatrix - We Bring the Bomb, this should be automatically added when you first startup.
- file system object removed, replaced with other functions.
- gave all popup dialogs an appropriate title.
- fixed extra newlines being added to end of configs (untested).
- fixed kb_act.lst not updated on version change.
- graphics now loaded at runtime in preperation for localisation (also reduces filesize).
- fixed mscomctl.ocx is not registered with the program (untested).
- program now saves the last used language.
- added to example path.
- common dialog (open window) now defaults to music directory.
- prevented non-existant or moved tracks from being read into the playlist.
- added support for Condition Zero & Condition Zero:Deleted Scenes.
- added volume controls now include a zero setting.
- added volume levels at load can now be changed in the options dialog (defaults to 80 for both).
- added loaded check, next and previous track console messages.
- improved volume controls, non-linear in the 0-15% region.
- added menu bar to access options and other functions.
- added about box with program credits.
- improved dialog titles.
- added browse dialog for mod folder.
- installs half life font in preperation for skins/localisation.

- Rewrote track removal code
- fixed last item in playlist could not be deleted.
- fixed playlist listbox loses selection when a delete occurs.
- fixed null playlist item being added to bottom of playlist after a deletion.
- added multiple selection and deletion of tracks.
- added delete key also deletes selected tracks.

- Rewrote PLS Playlist load code (this should be a lot more reliable now).

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