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* STORY LINE * After turning down the Gman's offer of employment, you managed to escape using an intergalactic teleporter that returned you to Earth. Hiding out within the inner city, you soon believe that the Gman is no longer interested in you. A calm peaceful feeling begins to replace the fear, terror and horror that overwhelmed you during your nightmare with Black Mesa, the soldiers and the Xen species. Feeling confident that it is now safe to return home to your wife and look up some old friends, you make your way back to the old neighbourhood.

Your apartment looks different somehow. There are no signs of your wife or anything that would belong to a woman. You also notice other strange things like items are missing, neighbours no longer live in the building. You turn on the television to watch some news and many of the anchors are new, but what really gives you that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach is the content of the news. Facts are no longer true, companies and products don't exist, people have vanished and been replaced by someone else.. Many things have changed.

Your agitation brings you to telephone your mother-in-law in order to talk to your wife, who must have moved out for some reason. Your mother-in-law informs you that she has never heard of you and insists that they never had a daughter. You try to call up on some old buddies but can only find two and they insist that they don't know the other missing friends at all.

You are sitting in your chair, in a state of shock, staring at the television, when there is a knock at the door. Two men dressed in black greet you. They are ITR agents. Employees of a newly formed organization called Intergalactic Time Reassurance, Inc.. They explain that they are time-space enforcement officers and have been sent to offer you a job as an ITR agent. Time-space...hmm... maybe I can get to the bottom of what the hell has happened to my wife and friends etc. You decide to accept the job and complete a special forces training program. You are now an ITR enforcement officer and have been teleported to a secret base of operations. It's monday morning 9:30 am and you are running late as usual

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TITLE                   : Hour-Glass
FILENAME                : hourglass.zip
.zip CONTENTS           : pak0.pak, cached.wad, liblist.gam, textures.wad
NUMBER OF MAPS          : 26 regular maps plus 4 very small transition maps
AUTHOR                  : Grey Dog
e-Mail                  : [email protected]
HOMEPAGE                : http://members.xoom.com/greydog98/
                          RELEASE DATE            : May 12, 2001
GAME PLAY TYPE          : SinglePlayer
SINGLE PLAYER           : Yes, 1 Player Respawn Points Only.
CO-OPERATIVE            : No
DEATHMATCH              : No
SUGGESTED PLAYER LOAD   : 1, it's a single player game only.
NEW TEXTURES ?          : Yes
NEW SOUNDS ?            : Yes
NEW MODELS ?            : Yes, and borrowed one from Team Fortress Classic. He Haw.
CD TRACK #              : Some will play off the CD. Not many though!
BASE MAP USED ?         : No, All new maps.
PREFABS USED ?          : Yes, See Credits
EDITORS USED            : Worldcraft 3.3
UTILITIES USED          : GenSurf, Wally, Paint Shop Pro, Terragen, Texture SDK,
                          Qped, SkyPaint, Sprite Viewer, Sprite Wizard, GoldWave,
                          Half-Life Model Viewer, Milkshape, BladePro.
KNOWN BUGS              : Scripts, triggers and other entities may or may not work
                          depending upon how the Half-Life engine feels during your
                          game play today.  With all the versions, HL has become
                          so buggy, you might experience the game the way the author 
                          created it.  Then again, maybe not. 
COMPILE MACHINE         : AMD K6-2 300 with 64 meg Ram
DEVELOPMENT TIME        : 1 fricken year!
Halflife                : ADAM a "custom game"

Hour-Glass should play well on a computer with a 300+ CPU with 64 megs of Ram.
A hardware accellerated 16meg Ram video card or better is required.  Don't even
try playing this game without a hardware accelerated video card, period.  
Headphones are recommended during play for two reasons;
1) increases your enjoyment, and
2) there are sound files of an adult nature that you don't want young people and
your wife to hear!  You have been WARNED!

Play this game in a very dark room, as many of the maps are on the dark side.
Adjust your in-game monitor display gama using the Half-Life video mode adjustment
if the game is too dark.

STRATEGY! and weapon selection are the keys to winning this game (especially near
the end of the game).  If you are suffering from "I die a lot" while playing,
change your strategy and weapon combinations.  I know this is asking a lot, but,
you have to think in some areas. There are more than enough forms of health, ammo
and weapons to succeed, but you need to be able to recognize where, when, what
and how to use them.  Use the sci's healing whenever possible.  (Hint: heat seeking
weapon works best against invisible enemies and if you don't know when to use a
Sniper Rifle, well...).

There are numerous auto-save triggers that will save the game for you as you play,
however, there are places in the game where you should save by pressing F6 after
every small achievement.

There are several (6, I think) hidden/secret areas that contain good stuff. 
(Look behind doors, under stairs (if a vent is near) and in the shadows for stuff.
Make sure you find the Hyper-Blaster!

Many things in the game can/should be "used" by pressing your use key, ie:
open books, control panels, orbs, crystals, light switches, buttons etc.

Recommended skill level setting is "MEDIUM". 

If play begins to get choppy or slideshow effect, save/exit and restart the game.
The Half-Life engine can fail to clear the RAM properly during play, which is a
prime reason for this to happen in good maps.

Don't email me if you get stuck, need hints or to complain.
I am not going to support this custom game or create a walk-through for it.
This will be my last "Custom Game" for Half-Life.  I have moved on to other things.

I really hope you enjoy playing Hour-Glass.
Half-Life REVIEW WEBSITES are NOT authorized to download, copy or review this episode
without my express written permission!  Why?  Because I want to know where my game
is being reviewed and distributed.  Please indicate the URL to your review site
when contacting me.  Also, please do not post a download link to my website.  You
will need to find another source for your readers to download the game ie: your
own file server or some other public server that is distributing the game.  Why?
Because my free host NBCI/Xoom will delete my website if my bandwidth is too high.

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

This episode may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this LEVEL on any CD or distribute it in any way without
my written permission.

[END OF DATA]==========================================================

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