Mecklenburg B4v6

You HAVE to have Mecklenburg B4V4 before you can play this!

This map is the most well-done towns I have ever seen for Half Life. Moslty u...


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You HAVE to have Mecklenburg B4V4 before you can play this!

This map is the most well-done towns I have ever seen for Half Life. Moslty used in roleplay, you'll see it in servers like TSRA, and Specialists Role-Play Linux. Some have passwords, but you can find those easily on thier web sites. The map is HUGE, coming close to the limits of the Half Life engine. Many buildings are included, such as: two hotels! One is a private, unmarked one, and the other has a big neon sign outside, housing 3 rooms and a rooftop pool! The hotel 'manager/owner' can control locking the doors upstairs from the lobby downstairs. You have to take the elevator to get back up. There is (as needed) a Mecklenburg Police Station, aka the PD. The people associated with the police have to wear a '[MCPD]' tag. You have your standard 3 cells for locking up criminals, although the doors can be broken (as most in the map can), and you have 3 button-activated, security-locking doors. Back behind the clerk station, there is a viewing room, looking into the interrogation room. You can see them, but they cant see you ;-) Next to that, there is an armory with self-spawning weapons, a few rifles, a shotgun, and some pistols. Next comes the diner. This really looks like an old-fashioned, silver diner! Untill you get to the back and see the pizza sitting by a katana and some uzi's, that is. You can place your order from the menu, and even pay at the register on the counter. The bank is rather small, but you can rob it! The bank has a panic button, a safe, a security door, and 2 atm's! You *disclaimer: do not read* can break through the metal of the safe, then the dirt ground to steal the money and end up in the sewer tunnels! *end of disclaimer* The city has a few (about 4 or 5) tunnels that can lead you some places. One of which is right by the truck at the police station, and one at the warehouse. There are a few executive offices, one in the warehouse, that hold AK-47's. Also contained in those rooms are nice plush leather couches and chairs ;-) Next up is the church. Gotta have some religious leaders you know! Complete with a piano, authentic 1827 Hadjenburg-made pews, a prayer room, and a cross on top, you need to visit this place. The map has the famed, executive office building, aka the 1337 (leet) tower! Travel up an elevator, or jump through the front windows, you end up in an executive office with metal bars to shut off window access, its very own safe (gotta be rich), and secret access to the roof and helicopter that travels high around the city. You can also catch a ride from the truck, which acts as a 'func_train' so you can control the speed. Its a good old ford! The bar. Go have a drink in your time off! Pool tables, drinks, throwing knives and dartboards, all there for your entertainment. Also on the map are many sniping places, usually lighted by a red light. The powerful sniper is there too. One is by the bar, and the other you can find by yourself! I'm not here to give away ALL of the secrets. But there is a secret vent from the bar to the hotel lobby (just so you know ;-) ). The gunshop is last, but not least! Including a target range, breakable glass and dummies to shoot at, and two security doors to get to the armory, this is the place to stop at first. Many types of weapons, for any profession. The use of models (player ones) was great, and fill many roles. Four types of cops, some undercover, mafia, yakuza, and many more! Some are included in the character pack (the seperate file).

If role-playing is your thing, even killing, this map is for you! Have a huge fragfest with 48 of your friends! Or join up on a roleplaying server, and see what happens!


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