Natural Selection: CO Overmin Map

A nicely done Combat map made by Rendy. It took him 4 months to complete this map to the final version.

Change Log - Final [16.7.2004...


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A nicely done Combat map made by Rendy. It took him 4 months to complete this map to the final version.

Change Log - Final [16.7.2004]: Added more signs Removed custom music Small layout changes Mirror textures misalighment Solved elevator bug Removed med-sci door Usable door in crew sector are now different from others

Change Log - Beta 2 [8.3.2004]: Added third path to the hive Added weldpoints Fixed bug with mdl.files Deleted some cyclers and infodecals Small layout changes Clipnodes tweaking

Change Log - Beta 3 [17.3.2004]: Solved sprite bug Added weldpoint Added ventilation system Small layout changes Clipnodes and leaves tweaks Added custom signs Added speaker New ReadyRoom Added custom music and ambience sounds

Any Combat Lovers should definitely get this map. For further information, check the readme below.

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                      ReadMe V1.4
Version : final
Author	: Rendy.[CZech]
E-mail  :
Duration of work    : ~ 4 months of my life
Date of Compilation : 16.7.2004

-Beta 1 [6.3.2004]:
 -First released version
-Beta 2 [8.3.2004]
 -Added third path to the hive
 -Added weldpoints
 -Fixed bug with mdl.files
 -Deleted some cyclers and infodecals
 -Small layout changes
 -Clipnodes tweaking
-Beta 3 [17.3.2004]
 -Solved sprite bug
 -Added weldpoint
 -Added ventilation system
 -Small layout changes
 -Clipnodes and leaves tweaks
 -Added custom signs
 -Added speaker
 -New ReadyRoom
 -Added custom music and ambience sounds
-Final  [16.7.2004]
 -Added more signs
 -Removed custom music
 -Small layout changes
 -Mirror textures misalighment
 -Solved elevator bug
 -Removed med-sci door
 -Usable door in crew sector are now different from
Required files:

co_overmind.wad                           [2481kB]
maps\co_overmind.bsp                      [7026kB]
maps\co_overmind.txt                      [   6kB]
maps\co_overmind.res                      [   2kB]
models\co_overmind\armory.mdl             [ 526kB]
models\co_overmind\pbchair.mdl            [  25kB]
sound\co_overmind\speaker1.wav            [  68kB]
sound\co_overmind\speaker2.wav            [  96kB]
sound\co_overmind\speaker3.wav            [  48kB]
sound\co_overmind\fluorescent.wav         [  43kB]
sprites\co_overmind\fire.spr              [  47kB]
sprites\co_overmind\rjet1.spr             [  21kB] 
sprites\co_overmind\moths.spr             [  12kB]
sprites\co_overmind\smokepuff.spr         [  11kB]
sprites\minimaps\co_overmind.spr          [ 321kB]
Worldmodels credits:

-Members of for destroyed Armory model

-Creator of map ns_Europa_1 (2) for Chair model
Textures credits:

-Chrome Angel
-NS team
Sounds credits:

-NS team

-Earth theme, underground labolatory complex
-Very big map (for Combat)
-Signs will lead you thought
-Attemp to create atmospheric enviroment
-Shake and sound effect after hive dies
-To reach hive, marines must go deeper to the facillity 
 or weld the doors near MS
-Second Armory behind the weldpoint
-Complex ventilation system
-Plyers have to learn the layout of the map
-U can go everywhere throught ventilation system, but 
 U must know the way !
-Cut alien's quick way to MS with welder
-Announcer will inform U about main events in the game
Known bugs:

+Higher world polygnos values in some areas (~800)
+Only 2 routes to the hive 
+High count of entities due the problem with hlvis and
+Water in bottom of map isn't blocked by VIS correctly
+One face isn't rendered propertly 

-[not solved]

Runtime entities: 274 of 275
Hardware, Software:

Editor   : Valve Hammer Editor 3.5(beta)
Compilers: HLCT 2.5.3, CUSTOM BUILD 1.7.p15 by XP-Cagey
Hardware : AthlonXP 2500, 512MB RAM

Object names  Objects/Maxobjs  Memory / Maxmem  Fullness
------------  ---------------  ---------------  --------
models            215/400        13760/25600    (53.8%)
planes          14674/32768     293480/655360   (44.8%)
vertexes        33644/65535     403728/786420   (51.3%)
nodes           15068/32767     361632/786408   (46.0%)
texinfos        10674/32767     426960/1310680  (32.6%)
faces           24248/65535     484960/1310700  (37.0%)
clipnodes       32510/32767     260080/262136   (99.2%)
leaves           8182/8192      229096/229376   (99.9%)
marksurfaces    33414/65535      66828/131070   (51.0%)
surfedges      111144/512000    444576/2048000  (21.7%)
edges           59866/256000    239464/1024000  (23.4%)
texdata          [variable]      13996/4194304  ( 0.3%)
lightdata        [variable]          0/6291456  ( 0.0%)
visdata          [variable]          0/2097152  ( 0.0%)
entdata          [variable]      56300/524288   (10.7%)

Texture usage is at 3.95 mb (of 4.00 mb MAX) 

Compile Times:

CSG:      5m 11s
BSP:      2m 13s
VIS:     18m 44s
RAD:  1h 15m 04s
Compile parameters:

CSG:-hullfile C:\nshulls.txt -cliptype precise
RAD:-extra -sparse -chart -dscale 4 -gamma 1
Wads in use:

Thanks to:

-Drunken.Monkey for hint about rad paramaters
-XP-Cagey for his complilers
-Flayara for Natural Selection
-Valve for Half-Life
-Members of Natural-Selection formus for their ability give 
 me new strenght for mapping
-Members of Natural-Selection formus because they learn me 
 how to make maps for Half-Life
-All who like this map
-All who don't like this map and help me to improve it
-All who made tutorials wich I read
-Confused! beacause he added this map in his mappack, thanks !

17.7.2004 0:33 
Chomutov, Czech Republic

(c)Rudolf "Rendy" Klenovsky

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