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We were going to explore past the river today. The Xenos where meant to have there main hive there. In a dug out area not to far p...


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File Description
We were going to explore past the river today. The Xenos where meant to have there main hive there. In a dug out area not to far past the hive that we found, and killed. We have how ever been found our self, and hence our escape plans have been . . . delayed. Please rescue us from these alians - and i know you will use the resource pockets that we have built to full advantage

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Map Information
Title		:  Edan

Author		:  amckern

Email Address	:

Filename	:  ns_edan_v1.bsp

Filesize	:  7.52 megabytes due to the many WAD files I used and decided to include in the BSP

Date		:  10/04/03

Other work      :  This is my first NS Map, though i have done some wonderfull works for CS, and Sven Coop, namely sc_duno

Notes           :  I don't understand how to use welable entitys, this map has the spot for them, but they do not work yet. Hive three, will be moved in later versions, but at the moment, I want to get the map done, so its just placed in a dumb spot

Player Information

Single Player		:  No
Deathmatch		:  Could be - Just set the right CVARs
Cooperative             :  Listen to your commander, and listen the lerks
Res Nodes	 	:  9
Map Type                :  Planet Side, battle with out side areas
New Textures		:  Many
New Sounds		:  No
Players			:  Upto 32


Base		:  None
Editor Used	:  Hammer 3.4
Build Time	:  5 weeks
Known bugs	:  None that I know of.
Compile Machine	:  AMD XP 1.4 GIG, 256 megs RAM
Compile Time    :  
HLVIS - 117.38 seconds
HLRAD - 5227.26 seconds (213 megs VIS Matrix)
HLBSP - 12.58 seconds
HLCSG - 33.94 seconds

Texture usage is at 3.57 meb


	Don't use this level as a base. If you want the RMF or MAP files, ask me first. I included the textures in the BSP because I didn't want a load of WAD files floating around, which would only make the download even bigger.
Commical use - please let me know what product the map is in once you get it published so I can get the product and see how people like my map. (Map packs as long as non-comical can use this map any time)

Special Thanks
	Flay - with out you NS would still be in some ones head
	All at the mapping Forums including -
	The Server ops, for puting this map on there server
	Kings Net Epping - for all the time i spent playing online, when the net was only ment for D2
	The Dr.s at Westmead - for leting me have a week of TAFE - and time to get the map done
	My Sister - Cora-ann
	Paul Payne AKA Max - my Programing teacher for leting me bug around on the net in his classes


PS For those of you that want to work out the how i stoped the Xeno from walking on the sky, a 1 unit thick "clip" brush is placed over every pice of sky

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