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Kouji_San has once released another new version of this map.

Change Log: New gameplay addition: Finally the addition of a tru...


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Kouji_San has once released another new version of this map.

Change Log: New gameplay addition: Finally the addition of a true weldable resnode Fixed the sinking building bug with a func_nobuild in the infested hallway at Port Generator

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|Achio Revised						|
|							|
|Map author information:					|
|							|
|	Name: Martin "Kouji_San" Borgman			|
|	Location:	The Netherlands, Hoogezand			|
|	Msn:				|
|	Email:			|
|_______________________________________________________	|
Game type:	Classic
Layout:		Semi "horizontal" symmetrical: Hallways and some rooms would be
		slightly different due to being on different levels, it'll try to simulate 
		a true battleship layout.
Map class:	Serious
Size:		Large
Env_gamma:	1.6
Resnodecount:	12
- 3x Hive based resnode, bacterium lockdown
- 1x Weldable resnode
- 2x For Doubleres
- 6x Troughout map


New gameplay element, Hive based resnode, bacterium lockdown:

It takes 16 runtime entities per resnode, this includes the lockdown feature, reset on round end and 2 team based testing loops. With it working, 
I'm still going to look into making is still function with less entities. however I'm not sure I can lower the amount used...

How it works:

At the start of a round all bacterium resnozzles are enabled, meaning they can be built on by both teams. However, the aliens have the ability to 
lock the marines out from using these resnodes by pressing a button located on the node.

For the marines to be able to build on these nodes once locked out, they have to push the same button. There will then be an electric bolt sound, 
making it seem the marines are running a current trough the button into the infestation. After 4 seconds the infestation locking down the resnode 
dies and releases the node after another 3 seconds. This is ilustrated by an animation (lowering of the infestation while reveiling more of the resnode). 
The marines are only able to disable the lockdown feature of the resnode. Only aliens are able to quickly disable and enable the resnodes. 
The gorge is able to build on locked and unlocked resnodes (a lucky bug I guess, which slipped in), it will in fact only have effect on the marines.

The bacterium lockdown nozzles have a new icon and a modified infested skin texture. I have used a modified version of the aliennode sprite,
which will be displayed at the node in a similar fashion as a weldable (only not rendered trough walls). In addition to this they will also have an icon on the minimap.

When an alien resource tower is located on a locked node, it cannot be targeted by sieges or turrets. The marines first have to disable it to be able to siege 
it or let the turrets shoot at it. They are ofcourse still able to damage it with their own weapons.

Theres is also a possibility to disable the resnodes for the marines on roundstart. But I haven't done this, because I think it might be a little bit too unbalancing

New gameplay element, alien only trough the wall teleporter!

    A trough the wall teleported at Aft Engine. This is a glowing green crystal (func_button) on the wall which can be used every 5 seconds. It will only teleport aliens in a similar fashion
    as the Movement Chamber. On the wall the teleporter is indicated with a infestation sprite animation. Also on the minimap there is a hidden passage which indicates where
    the teleporter it's target is. I added this because there was a new siege location at the new hallway around back of Main Computer. And the larger aliens didn't have a feasible
    way of getting there to do something against it

New gameplay element, a weldable resnode

    This node can only be used by either team, once it has been welded.

This is the new and improved version of ns_achio_v1b2. This map is based on 
the old map, but other then that it's completely rebuilt from scratch.

Some of the layout location has roughly remained the same, lot's of the
old areas have also remained but have had a total style revision. Not only that, 
this map is smaller then the old version. Yet I've managed to get some new 
"never seen before" areas in Achio.

I’ve tried even more to lay the emphasis on Achio being a huge battle ship with
the use of lot’s of exterior views. This map also has the 2 button door, which 
has to be opened either by two marines, two aliens or a smart gorge with it’s 
spit ball. However in this map this will open up a true double res, the one in 
the original Achio had only one resnode and one already accessible close by.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this version of the map, also I’m always in for 
feedback on the layout or other improvement/bugs I can fix.

Remember to have fun!

Achio revised development thread and links to the old version on the forum:

To install the map into your steam directory, just extract it 
in your "Steam\SteamApps\your-account\half-life\ns" directory.

Have fun \o/
- Kouji San

v2b4 (version 2, beta 4):
Releasedate, Dec-26-2006


Bug fixes:
- The player was able to see into the void at the pipes near H-junction, starboard side/south hallway (spotted by StixNStonz, ns forums)
- Increased the size a little bit of the water entity, it's edge was being rendered to far from the sloped floor at hallway near the weldable door in H-Junction
- Weird glass bug in Skylight P1 has been fixed.
- Fixed a small bug in Watercleansing on the north side. There was a glass textured brush, not tied to an entity like it should have been
- Fixed the angle of two spotlights in the lower level of the crushed area near Starboard Generator
- Fixed a building sink bug at the infested hallway south-west of Port Generator, This area cannot be build on anymore using a func_nobuild. I'll look into it to see what can
  be done about the cip hulls in this area. It's a troublesome area with a pretty buggy clip hull (at the moment less of a problem then it was in WIP version of beta3)

- Squared off the entrance wall into Port-ION Cannon (suggested by StixNStonz, ns forums)
- The Starboard Generator weldable door will now start open, this will make it more sensible for the marines to close it.
  Instead of opening up another way for the Aliens to attack (suggested by StixNStonz, ns forums)
- Fixed a small vertex error in the Lockdown nodes. It was showing a small part of the resnode model trough the brush where it shouldn't
- Removed the weldable door and the infested wall at Port ION-Cannon.
- Made the Port ION-Cannon vent able to be welded closed. In beta3 it was a toggle button near the hive entrance, but it wasn't very clear it was an interactive object.
- Added a true weldable resnode, like it was planned for beta3, but somehow the Gorge was able to build on it. I now fixed this issue and the weldable resnode is finally possible
  The resnode in Port ION-Cannon, which is now the weldable resnode has moved towards the other side of Port ION-Cannon. Done this becauise it was possible to damage it
  from all the way down the corridor at Skylight - P1.
- Changed the weldable near Messhall, it's now only weldable from below the door (suggested by StixNStonz, ns forums)
- Changed the time to weld things, overall it takes longer to weld stuff. Also changed the explosion materials accordingly
- Removed an env_sprite outside of Skylight - S2, it wasn't very visible so I decided it wasn't adding much atmosphere
- Removed a brush in Port Material Displacement Core. It was a leftover brush from the pipes, which should've been removed
- Changed the trigger_hurt damage type on the bottom of Loadingbay to FALL damage instead of SHOCK
- Changed the weldable in watercleansing. This change freed up 2 runtime entities
- Fixed the blacked out bottom or sides of some doors.

v2b3 (version 2, beta 3):
Releasedate, Dec-19-2006

- Added credits in the Readyroom, from the current and previous version of Achio
- Added the fighter model from the old Achio, but increased it's size by 150%. It's located in Loadingbay. With this there is now more cover for the aliens.
  I personally thought it was lacking some cover for the smaller aliens to attack the marine start
- Removed the hallway from Cargo Transfer S1-A into Pressure Fluctuation Monitoring. Added it's twin on the port side of the Main computer.
  It has a hallway into the Messhall. Both Pressure Fluctuation Monitoring are connected by a new area called Flow Control. This will open up an alternative route
  towards the right side of the map for the marines. Decision based on a remark made by StixNStonz, guns4back2school forums:

	"The right 1/3 of the map is practically inaccessible for marines"

- Added a resnode in Port ION-Cannon. It was supposed to be an initially marine only, weldable node. I had it working in the test map for entities I use, but copy-pasting 
  this same weldable resnode into the full version of the map somehow makes it possible for the gorge to build on it. This wasn't possible in the test map.
  So instead I made Port ION-Cannon only accessable trough a weldable --> as a result making the resnode initially marine only.
- A weldingpoint for the door north of Port Skylight - P1, this weldingpoint opens the door, vent and bacterium blockage into port ION cannon.
  And also enables the building on the Port ION-Cannon resnode. The vent can be closed or opened with a button near the bacterium blockage, which is only accessable once the 
  marines have welded the door inot Port ION-Cannon. The button has a 5 seconds reset delay
- Another exit into the Port ION-Cannon from the Port Generator hive to give the larger aliens better access to the siege point in Pot ION-Cannon
- Vent from Port Generator towards the hallway south of the Material Displacement Core
- A weldpoint/ladder from the lower Loadingbay exit hallway towards the T-juntion south of Messhall, opening up a faster way to get into the Messhall 
  for the marines at the cost of a welder, in case the aliens have locked down Messhall (Decision based on a suggestion made by StixNStonz, ns forums)
- A weldpoint into the Starboard Generator, the security door from Skylight - S2 into the broken hallway
- The window at Main Bridge now actually has a glass texture, previously it was just a clip texture (found by StixNStonz, ns forums)
- Due to the fact that I've kept the runtime entity count down, I've added some chairs in the Main computer and Main Bridge. This was already planned, but I 
  removed them when I fixed some clipping errors and simply forgot the put them back in

Bug fixes:
- Fixed an invisible wall clip bug at one of the U turns in the hallway from Mess Hall towards Loadingbay
- Fixed a stuck issue in the Port Generator hive underneath the hive, between the generator and the slope towards the resnode
- Found an overlapping brush in the roof of the dropship
- Added the missing parts in the landing gear of the dropship (spotted by StixNStonz, ns forums)
- Weird glass bug in Skylight P1 (spotted by StixNStonz, ns forums). It's now partially fixed, the bug is still visible from one certain angle (found by StixNStonz, ns forums)
- Fixed a light texture bug in Starboard engine, the top blue light strip wasn't aligned properly in the center (found by StixNStonz, ns forums)
- Lowered the water a little bit in Water Cleansing, sometimes the waves made it render trough the floor at the Starboard Generator entrance

- Added a 1 second delay to the elevator buttons at Loadingbay
- Bilebomb/lerk barrier at the top of the Loadingbay elevator has been added, so the aliens don't have a direct view and can't
  bilebomb/spore the marine start directly (Decision based on a remark made by Kobayashi, guns4back2school forums)
- Due to a broken siege area near Port Material Displacement Core (found by Kobayashi, guns4back2school forums)
  I repositioned the hallway a little bit more south. The ladded alcove has remained in the same location, but due to the relocating of the Port Generator Hive, this has now also been fixed
- The two north Main Computer ventilation exits have a weldable option from the inside of Main Computer, closing them both for the duration of the round
- Realigned infestation textures in Aft Engine
- Slightly increased the size of the sprites from the particle system outside the ship at Skylight - S2
- Clipbrushed the small ledge at the space door in Loadingbay (spotted by StixNStonz, ns forums)
- Increased the speed of the elevator in Loadingbay from 75 to 200 (suggested by StixNStonz, ns forums)
- Changed the textures of the top right computer console in Main Computer, they are now monitors and indicators instead of consoles 
  (Decision based on a suggestion made by StixNStonz, ns forums)
- The lights at the security doors troughout the map now have red or blue light, indicating their locked status (the weldable doors are closed and have a blue light)
- Moved the two middle consoles in Main Bridge further onto the sloping "ribs", this give more room for the player to move around the RT
- Added more detail and lights at the stairs in Main Bridge
- Changed the Water Cleansing breakable drain into a weldable. Did this because only the marines have an edge when the water is drained and to make it more clear that 
  it's drainable
- Moved the security doors near the two ladders at the both exit hallways of Aft Engine. To save some clipnodes and leaves, due to the addition of some new hallways.
  As a result the port ladder in that hallway has been moved behind the closed door (in fact removed from the map)
- Clipbrushed the pipes in both maintenance hallways from H-Junction to both generators
- Removed the ladder alcove south of Main Bridge to gain back some clipnodes/leaves
- Made a 90 degree turn in the east hallway into ION-Cannon, it now enter the ION-Cannon in between the two ION charging units. This is to make it easier for the aliens to
  enter the area when marines are sieging the Port Generator Hive
- Rotated the Port Generator 90 Degrees, as a result of this some hallways have moved around as well in this area.
- Addition of a hallway into the hallway of Port ION-Cannon from Port Generator, the bigger aliens are now able to give a faster response to sieging from Port ION-Cannon
- Made a small revision of the hallway textures trougout the map, they are now more varied and have less faces
- Removed the ladder alcove in Cargo Transfer S1-A
- Removed some security doors all over the map to save clipnodes and leaves due to all the additions
- Changed the hallway from the H-junction weldable door into Water Cleansing. Done this to fix a clip hull bug and lighting error, which appeared in beta3. It wasn't in beta2. 
  However with no idea on how to fix it, I simply changed the hallway and it was fixed. I love bugfixes like that
- Changed a skybrush texture in a ship hull texture at the top exit of Loadingbay

v2b2 (version 2, beta 2):
Releasedate, Nov-02-2006

- Vent Port Generator - Port ION Cannon
- Vent H-junction - Messhall
- Vent H- junction - Cargo Transfer S-1B
- Vent Starboard Generator - Cargo Transfer S-1B
- Vent Messhall- Port Generator
- Added a func_nobuild at the weldable door in H-junction (possible PG exploit suggested by Droggog, ns forums)
- Light at one of the door buttons in H-junction was missing
- With the recreated Water Cleansing I also added a drainable water area. It is kind of a hidden feature
- The Starboard ION-Cannon outside view at Skylight - S2 now has damage and an asteroid part protruding to the outside of it
- The flashlight from the old Achio has returned. It is located near Water Cleansing
- Starboard Generator has a steam particle system comming from the asteroid
- Added a TSA Frigate in the skybox on the port side, the design is based on the new readyroom
- Added a particle system, orange steam flowing into space from the Starboard ION-Cannon

Bug fixes:
- Hall of Mirrors bug in Pressure Fluctuation Monitoring (spotted by Droggog, ns forums)
- Small brush error in the MS (spotted by Droggog, ns forums)
- Big stuck points near MS outside windows (found by Droggog, ns forums)
- Stuck points throughout the map near windows
- Null textured face in vent near Aft Engine
- Null textured face in Y-junction on the ceiling
- Added all the lights mentioned in "known issues" of the previous release at the security doors
- Onos stuck issues at Cargo Transfer S-1A
- Onos stuck issue at top entrance of Loadingbay
- Port Material Displacement Core could be seen trough the sky brush from Skylight - P1
- Clipping hull bugs at Port Generator, Port ION Cannon and Skylight - P1
- Weldable at H-junction (it now has one button)
- Fixed the red glow from the planet Nerva spotlights, which were previously not very noticeable because the pitch was set to -90 (down)
  It will now cast a red glow onto and into Achio from the planet at Starboard Skylight - S2 and the Main Bridge

- Removed Port ION Cannon resnode and added a resnode in Cargo Transfer S-1B, there was a noticeable
  gap in the resnode layout. This keeps the total resnodecount at 11. Decision based on a suggestion made
  by Swiftspear, ns forums:

	"I think go for 11 nodes including double, since double is a little tricky to enter some games it won't come into play right away."

- Optimized walls, corners, floors and ceilings to lower clipnodes and leaves significantly
- Optimized some textures near the 2 button door which were adding unnecessary r_speeds
- Removed the asteroid impact site at Port generator, instead added one more hallway exit
- Gave the Port generator a different look then it's mirror twin Starboard Generator, this will make
  it easier to distinguish between the two
- Made some changes to Port Hallway Stabilizer and surrounding hallways
- Vent north of H-junction is now a 90-90degree bendy vent, due to clip annoyance and lighting error
- Changed the stairs in both Cargo transfers into slopes
- Water Cleansing has a new look
- Made ns_achio.wad compatible with the old version of the map (ns_achio_v1b2), went from 435Kb to 827Kb.
- Added -nodynbounce to the rad compile process, as a result saved about 60% of used light data, v2b1:94.3% --> v2b2:39.6%
  The bsp filesize has been significantly decreased because of this, v2b1: 9,72 Mb --> v2b2: 6,32 Mb
- Added 2 bounce to the final lighting making the lighting more smooth, colorfull and the map overall a little bit brighter
- Redesigned the readyroom, the old one was kind of a last resort because of the engine resources
- Lowered the view hight for the commander. Lowering r_speeds for the commanderview and to make it easier to select and build things
- Changed the gamma compile setting from 0.8 to the default of 0.7. This will brighten the map a bit compared to the previous versions

v2b1 (version 2, beta 1):
Release date, Oct-06-2006

Known issues:
- Null textured face in Y-junction on the ceiling
- A few lights on the security doors are not present, making these areas overall darker
- 800+ r_speeds when looking towards the two button security door
- Resnode count and placement might not be correct for balance

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