Natural Selection v3.0 Beta 1 - Client

Beta version 3.0 release of the action-strategy mod Natural Selection for Half-Life.


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Beta version 3.0 release of the action-strategy mod Natural Selection for Half-Life.

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Download 'ns_install_v3_b1.exe' (155.08MB)

Natural Selection: Combat 

Natural Selection: Combat is a new fast and furious gameplay mode focusing on intense action. Combat games generally last less than ten minutes, and require very little knowledge to play. 

New maps - Six new Combat maps, made just for Combat. Enjoy a combat-simulation on "daimos", battle over rock and water on "core", or enjoy non-stop action on "faceoff". 

New upgrades - New Combat-specific upgrades like "resupply" and personal scanner sweep give you help when you need it. 

Gain experience - Get experience for killing the enemy, or for attacking their base. As you gain experience, you gain levels. Each new level lets you choose a new upgrade, weapon, or piece of equipment. Even after death, you retain these power-ups. 

New NS gameplay 

New look - Over 150 new textures and new NS maps give the game a whole new look. Fight in the claustrophic halls of ns_ayumi, catching a glimpse of snow falling outside a catwalk, or take control of the awe-inspiring and incredible ns_agora. 

Catalyst-packs - New "catalyst-packs" allow Commander to speed rate of fire and movement of marines for a short duration. 

New lerk - New flight model for the "Lerk", allowing smooth and precise flapping and gliding (he also has his bite back!). 

New spectator interface - All-new spectator mode is easier to use and ideal for match commentators. 

New manual - The manual has been totally re-written to include a "quick start" guide, and detailed information on every weapon, ability and structure. 

Other features - New chat and font system, the ability for mappers to pre-place structures in maps, 'votemap' command, new scoreboard, new alien "focus" upgrade, and much more. 

STEAM and VAC support 

Full Steam support - Official Steam support, including a new NS desktop, friends list, and automatic updating. NS will be listed under the "My Games" section (not as a 3rd-party mod). 

VALVe Anti-Cheat (VAC) - VAC means that NS and Half-life are updated automatically when new cheats are found. Any cheaters detected by the system are immediately temporarily or permanently banned across all NS servers. 

Balanced and tested 

Extensively tested - Extensive playtesting with over 100 NS clans and hundreds of Constellation members will mean the most balanced and fun NS yet. 

Massive improvements - Over 200 bugs and exploits have been fixed in this version, along with dozens of other improvements. These include "sinking" structures, better hitboxes for players and structures (even for wall-walking skulks!), skulk prediction fixes, and hundreds more.

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