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The Natural Selection team has released an update for version 3.0 Beta 4 which fixes some urgent issues found in Beta 4. The Changelog has b...


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The Natural Selection team has released an update for version 3.0 Beta 4 which fixes some urgent issues found in Beta 4. The Changelog has been stated at the Readme section of this page.

Note: This version is an update. Beta 4 is required to be installed !!!

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O Combat changes
- Aliens no longer grow in experience over time (we didn't have time to test this properly last week)
- There is now a time limit (like old Combat builds!), which by default is 10 minutes. Aliens automatically win after time expires, or if they take out the CC. Marines win by taking out the hive. This time limit can be adjusted using mp_combattime
- Moved game timer off of scoreboard and onto HUD 
- When there is less then a minute left, the game time readout blinks (both Combat and NS/tournament mode) 
- Focus cost increased from 1 to 2 levels
- Because marines lose if timelimit is reached, sped marine spawning by 1 second to compensate 

O Fixed demo recording crash 

O Improved server performance (for programmers: we built using a debug version of STLport by accident). There may still be a problem with escalating pings we're still looking into. 

O Reduced umbra power so it now blocks 1 out of 2 bullets (down from 2 out of 3) O Grenades no longer teleport into the void before exploding when they are shot into vents (bug #530) 

O Abbreviated "Natural Selection" in Steam server list so it's easier to filter by version 

O Removed mp_gametime server variable as it is no longer needed 

O Fixed gamma problems on map change for maps that didn't specify an env_gamma (usually custom maps) 

O Fixed exploit where weapons can be nearly instantly reloaded (bug #334) 

O Fixed bug where death messages overlapped spectator UI 

O Rewritten structure collision detection from XP-Cagey should mean many less sinking items! 

O Lerk flight costs energy again (1/2 the energy cost of beta 3) 

O Fixed missing textures in beta 4 (goodbye random pink-checkerboards) 

O Removed consistency checking of unnecessary files (mp_consistency 1) (thanks mahnsawce!) (bug #297) 

O Updated ns_nancy (helpful for CAL)
- You should no longer be able to siege Port/Subspace without spotting it.
- In an attempt to add a little more balance to the map the vent outside of Port has been turned into a hallway and the stairs to Mother Interface from Messhall were removed.
- Added a couple crates in the Mother Interface area for cover.
- Removed unnecessary side room in the Marine Start area. All it did was add a chance of the commander spawning way too far from the CC and had no game purpose.
- Misc. other smaller changes 

O sv_restart now works with cheats on (so you can execute it via rcon by setting cheats first) 

O Equipment is now easier to drop on players, buildings can no longer be dropped on players. 

O Fixed bug where multiple res towers were allowed to be dropped on the same node (appeared in early versions of 4a) 

O Rewrote EntityInfo and NumEnts printout formats to make them more useful to mappers.
- EntityInfo was reporting the first N entity slots of information instead of the first N valid entities.
- Marked several types of entities (player slots, bodyque, weapons) as "dynamic". For now at least, they don't count towards the mapping limit.

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