Natural Selection: v3.2 Open Beta 2 Full Client

This is natural Selection v3.2 Open Beta 2 Full Client release. The team intend this to be the last public beta as the next set of changes w...


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This is natural Selection v3.2 Open Beta 2 Full Client release. The team intend this to be the last public beta as the next set of changes will be released as the final v3.2 client installer, check out the readme below for the complete change log.

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Download 'ns_install_v32beta2.exe' (151.89MB)

NS v3.2 beta 2 changelog

Balance Changes

    * Reduced Marine RT Health from 6000 to 5000.
    * Increased Onos HP from 700 to 950.
    * DC Limit: each entity can be healed by only one DC per tick.
    * Each DC heals 10 + 3% per tick, an extra 2% over beta1.
    * The third hive grants an armor bonus equal to the 3.1 armor bonus. 


    * Fixed: Spectator names replaced with cam view name.
    * Fixed a bug where targetondeath was not firing when hives died. ( Thanks Kouji_San )
    * Added ns_shiva to mapcycle.txt. 

Other changes

    * Remove LMG icon from scoreboard.
    * Increase the points awared for killing an RT from 3 to 5.
    * Gorge spit activates 'the enemy approaches' on a building hive.
    * Player sprites on the minimap now have a border to make them more visible.

Updated ns_caged

    * Re-added the weldable between Purification and Vent (Central to Vent is still just a breakable).
    * Removed the Upper Sewer Opening to the Vent into Marine Start.
    * Adjusted the location of the Sewer Hive Res Node. 

Updated ns_lucid

    * Fixed several clipping issues.
    * Filled in the alcove behind Nemesis Hive.
    * Fixed HOM near Void hive.
    * Fixed minimap for cl_lablemaps 0. 

Updated ns_machina

    * Fixed readyroom bug.
    * Fixed sunlight in Tau Ceti
    * Fixed dropping problems for commander in Tau Ceti.
    * Fixed sinking behind hive in Mausoleum, by making it unbuildable on the transparent infestation.
    * Fixed some commander view irregularities.
    * Fixed not being able to leap from The Pit floor.
    * Fixed various stuck points.
    * Fixed being able to walk/jump along the edge of Circumn.
    * Added vent from Mausoleum hive to Turning Point, to Otherside.
    * Added ledges to the base of two 'chutes' - one from Maus, one from Turning Point.
    * Added ledges along the edge of the chasm in Crater to act as a safety net for fades & jetpackers.
    * Added a very minor vent system to Marine Start.
    * Added infestation to Mausoleum hive, intended to provide camoflauge/cover for aliens.
    * Added a ladder to The Pit from which players can jump into the vent there, allowing them to cross to Southern Shell over the chasm.
    * Added a large grating across the chasm in Crater, from one chute exit to a vent entrance to The Pit. Essentially is a vent from Southern Shell to The Pit, but can also be considered a path in its own right (if a very precarious one).
    * Added weld to The Pit. Marines can now make the two pillars descend into the floor for better room coverage.
    * Many ladders introduced allowing floor-bound aliens to access the vents in hives.
    * Added some blocking architecture to the marine start in an effort to reduce fade/lerk dominance.
    * Removed pit beneath Imine Falls, replaced with water.
    * Removed a path in The Pit area, to simplify.
    * Removed lift in Crater, and cut off the walkway before reaching the Destroyer.
    * Replaced lift to The Pit (from Snakes Body) with a large slope.
    * Made cosmetic changes to Crater South - Destroyer.
    * Detailed Turning Point, The Approach, Southern Shell, and Otherside.
    * Slight visual addition to Circumn.
    * Made some cosmetic changes to Angels Grave.
    * The two-part bar door will now kill anyone who blocks it.
    * Enlarged minimap (thanks JazzX).
    * Rotating lift has been replaced with a more stable train-lift.
    * Northern Shell's lighting has been somewhat redone for better visibility. Still a WIP.
    * Redirected vent from Ceti Noon to The Pit - now goes from Ceti Noon to Barren.
    * Expanded Tau Ceti.
    * Opened up a wall between Snakes Tail and Central Node Descent.

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