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The Natural Selection mod dev team have released version 3.2 of their popular Half-life 1actio...


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The Natural Selection mod dev team have released version 3.2 of their popular Half-life 1action-strategy modification. Check out our news post about this release HERE for more information.

Changelog: March 1st, 2007

New Features

* Bind-able alien movement abilities (blink, leap, charge) o Movement abilities can be bound directly using +movement. o Movement abilities can still be selected as a "weapon" and fired (no change). o Movement abilities can be used in the readyroom but play at a much lower volume. o Set "r" to default +movement in the keyboard bindings. o Changed description for "Reload" to "Reload/alien movement" in the keyboard bindings.

* Added teleport feature to hives o Players may now use an active hive to be teleported to the next hive with an 0.8 second cool-down per player. o If a player uses a growing hive, it triggers 'The Enemy Approaches' Alert and makes it available for both hive and movement chamber teleportation. o Gorge spit can also be used to trigger 'The Enemy Approaches' on a growing hive. o Normal friendly fire no longer makes a hive available for teleportation. o Hive teleport order is determined by the top-to-bottom order shown on the alien HUD. o If a player can't reach a hive to use it, standing directly under the hive while pressing use will also work.

* "Ghost" placement model for marine structures o When a marine structure is first placed by the commander, it will be a ghost structure. o A ghost structure is partially transparent (but still solid) and will be immediately recycled for 80% of the resource cost if touched by an alien player. o A ghost structure can be attacked and damaged without triggering an immediate recycle. o The commander can choose to recycle a ghost structure in the same manner as an unbuilt structure. o When a marine player starts to build a ghost structure, it will turn into a normal unbuilt structure.

* NS on HLTV o NS now sends minimap updates to a connected HLTV server. o NS now sends particle system templates to a connected HLTV server. Spores, Welder sparks etc. should display when spectating via HLTV. o NS now sends hive information to HLTV. o Every 30 seconds, the HLTV server rebuilds the information so recently connected players get the data too. o Various bug-fixes to improve the HLTV experience ( detailed later in the changelog ).

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