NS Andromeda

Andromeda beta2 map for Natural Selection.


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Andromeda beta2 map for Natural Selection.

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Download 'ns_andromeda_beta2.zip' (5.08MB)

January 16 2003

Make sure to extract to your base halflife directory, as the zip extracts to /ns - make sure you have extract with folders enabled.

This is a BETA map, there are bugs! Please find them and report them to the email listed at the bottom of this readme. Feedback is welcome as well, please by all means send it in. I will update the map to balance it further and make it more interesting and fun to play on.


The light patching with the flashlight doesn't always work like it is supposed to, if you see a much larger flashlight beam on the wall than it should be just write it off as being worked on. I will fix it later after I get the other bugs out of the way.

I KNOW that button in storage moves and it shouldn't. The room is currently pointless because i had to tear it up due to high polygon count, but I'll rebuild it for beta 3. Just ignore the moving button, pretend its trying to exist.

Elevators MAY get you stuck sometimes, try to avoid the edges of the elevator perhaps. Its being worked on.

There might be a few places where you can see that famous half life "Hall of mirrors" effect, if you find ANY please email me with the location.

I hope you enjoy playing this map as much as I enjoyed making it.


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