NS Complex 09

This map is alpha status, wich means it is "playable" but its not "serouusly playable" because its all but complete. It has some...


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This map is alpha status, wich means it is "playable" but its not "serouusly playable" because its all but complete. It has some elevators, doors, triggers, inner architecture and all the basic stuff missing. It has all spawn points, resources, hives, locationnames (beta) and an incomplite marine-spawn location

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Download 'ns_complex09.zip' (6.52MB)

helpfull console commands:
ms_flashlights 1 <- enables flashlight
r_speeds 1 <- shows render speeds, make a screenshot if w-poly is near 800
gl_wireframe 2 <- (openGL only) shows what faces you can see that cause w-polys.
sv_cheats 1 <-enables normal cheat commands, makes NS buildings getting build supersonic, starts the game even with one team having 0 players.
jointeamone <-join marines
jointeamtwo <-join aliens
noclip <- lets you fly through walls
spawnhive <-spawns one unbuild hive
givepoints <-gives you some res for free - best bind it with &quot;bind g givepoints&quot;
bigdig <-every placed object gets fully build automatically from now on

Best thing you can do in this alpha map is runing around, testing some places for bugs, getting stuck, map ballancing and such.
Further Stuff you caould do is let your imagination fly around in this map making suggestions here and there, make screenshots and paint your ideas.


Q: Doors...
There are 3 doors at the marine spawn, but just one of them works.
A: Right.
The central entrance needs to get welded (or 500 damage) FORM THE OTHER SIDE.
the left and right entrance... you just can open one of them by klicking one of the white buttons, wich both dissappear after that. this enables the left OR the right side to get opened. Soon i will place a weldable in the center of the map that enables the other door too.

Q: got stuck in the RR what to do?
a: Type &quot;jointeamone&quot; or &quot;jointeamtwo&quot; in console.

Q: Nice, the First resource is behind a glass wall. we cant open the door but there are vents above...
A: True. Better watch the vents, when an alien reaches the Resource-room you need 55 seconds to weld the glass door open seeing a happy alien behind.

Q: Were am i allowed to build as comm? Multi leveled? outside closed doors near marine spawn?
A: Everywere you want to, as long as you dont build them up trough the closed doors or in unreachable places.
It is alowed to have the TF in the upper level while having its turrets in the lower level and such. 
Remember: a TF or CC can supprt structures in multiple levels! 
lets see how this affects ballance. It seems just fair on such a large map.

Q: Am i allowed to..?
A: No, dont shoot acid rockets and such through thin walls!

Q: Why is this map so huge. 
when Im in the northern hive and want to go to the southwest hive I need to go east first, and all that. 
Im getting lost al lthe time.
A: Getting lost and thinking the map is huge is normal if you dont know a map.
Fact: this map is 2 times bigger than the average oficial NS map.
There will be signs showing the shortest way to anywere.
Each location name will have a location code: &quot;Black MEnSA USE&quot; means &quot;[U]pper-level [S]outh [E]ast&quot;.
The whole map has been tested for double siege spots and there should be none, vents will get added soon to make alien paths shorter without getting lost more.
Some paths will be locked at gamestart and just open during the game (by different causes) to open &quot;new shortcut paths&quot; if the game takes longer.

Q: Wee there is music in the party hall?
A: Yeah. the tree NS, songs, credids foes to FF-Fangs and co. The buttons should be toggles, if not weld them for a millisecond to stop the music.


(I dont read e-mails)


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