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Eniant is a smaller map aimed at public servers with less than 20 slots. It features an easy to grasp 'tree-like' layout with the...


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Eniant is a smaller map aimed at public servers with less than 20 slots. It features an easy to grasp 'tree-like' layout with the marines in the north and all three hives in the south, which should make it a good choice for new players who wish to get used to Natural Selections gameplay without of having to memorize maze-like layouts. Generally, it's a rather corridor-heavy map, which means that ramboing skulks will have the life expectancy of a squid in a blast furnance. Plenty of ambushing points and dark corners should make up for this, though.

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Download 'ns_eniant_101.zip' (2.39MB)


Built by Simon 'Freestyler' Vincents and Florian 'NemesisZero' Schwarzer

General informations:

	Title:			Eniant
	Filename:		NS_Eniant.bsp
	Release Date:		19th April 2003

	E-Mail:			Nemes1sZer0@gmx.de

Map informations:

	Mod:			Natural Selection, regular MvA

	Resourcenodes:		8
	Recommended players:	8 to 16
	Eastereggs:		Two, one of which is remotely interesting.
	Weldeables:		One.
	Vents:			Plenty.

	New Textures:		Yes, in NS_Eniant.wad

Technical informations:

	Build time:		20 months (grim determination is my second name)
	Editor used:		Worldcraft / Valve Hammer Editor

	Compile machine: 	AMD XP 2000+, 512MB DDR Ram
	Compile time: 		2h 30min

Changes to 1.0:

	- Solved numerous compatibility issues.
	- Fixed two exploits.

Addintional info:

This map is, aside from Flayras testmaps, the oldest Natural Selection map at all - Freestyler and I already worked on it when Merkaba hadn't joined and Relic hadn't even heard of the mod. The fact that this wasn't only NS', but also *our* first map turned however out to be a major hindrance - five complete overhauls, uncounted layout changes, and one less mapper later (Free split from the project in 2002 due to RL influences), I'm finally able to say that it's in presentable shape.

Copyright informations:

This map is, aside from the materials copyrighted by Charles Cleveland, the sole intellectual property of Simon Vincents and Florian Schwarzer.

Copying and distributing it for non-profit purposes is permitted, a distribution with commercial aims is however prohibited, unless with written permission of all affiliated copyright owners.

Do not use the map or parts of it as base for your own map without of written permission.

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