NS Maru B2

Description : The TSA has recieved an Emergency Distress Beacon (EDB) from the cargo ship Kobayashi Maru. Acording to the ships log,...


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Description : The TSA has recieved an Emergency Distress Beacon (EDB) from the cargo ship Kobayashi Maru. Acording to the ships log, the ship began to lose power in it's starboard engine and veared off coarse. Now both engines have stalled and the ship is adrift in Gamma-Hydra Section Ten. The ships security and bio-monitoring equipent has identified the presence of Kahraa bacteria, but that it is contained in the rear of the ship. Normally a ship this small and it's crew would simply be sacraficed, but TSA has ordered the ship recovered. The cryo units on the ship are still intact and the crew are still alive. TSA intellence believes the Kahraa were being smuggled aboard the ship by one of the crew. It is imparative that we regain control of that ship so that we can rescue and then interogate the crew.

Game Type : Marines vs. Aliens

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Download 'ns_maru_b2.zip' (1.68MB)

Title                   : Kobayashi Maru Beta 2
Author                  : Gun_Sgt_Hartman
Email Address           : gunsgthartman@hotmail.com
Website                 : http://qsfan.8k.com

Warning                 : You must have version or better of Half-Life and Version 1.04
			  of Natural Selection to play this map.


Big thanks to: Valve - For creating a masterpiece of gaming.
	       The Naturl Selection Team - For adding this excellent Mod to the HL community.
	       Quantum Saint - For being my inspiration and mentor.
	       The Patrons and MVPs of Quantum Mechanics for thier continued support.
	       V.E.R.C. - all of the great info and tech stuff. (http://www.valve-erc.com)

	       Beta Testers: -={DG}=-Biohazard,-={DG}=-MAtrix,-={DG}=-Scythe,-={DG}=-Mzeo,-={DG}=-Pebbles
			     -={DG}=-Killer Man,-={DG}=-Demosthenes,-={DG}=-Cable Snake,-={DG}=-Psychrist
			     -={DG}=-Deadly Killer,-={DG}=-Morganti Blade,-={DG}=-Darkshadow,-={DG}=-KGA
			     -={DG}=-GreyWolf, and the rest of the -={DG}=- Crew, Ollj, The Real Quasar,
			     Count Zeno, Gimpy Doodle Doo, Mikachu, And countless others. Thanks Guys! 

Game			: Natural Selection
Level Name      	: The Kobayashi Maru
Files    		: ns_maru_b2.bsp, ns_maru_b2.txt, ns_maru_b2.spr, industrial4.wav, techamb1.wav
Single Player           : No
Cooperative 		: No
Team Play               : Yes
DeathMatch              : Conversion in the future
MAP    # of PLAYERS     : 8-32

Difficulty Settings     : No

Platform(s) used               : PIII-500 w/ Voodoo 5500 384MB mem, PII-400 Voodoo2 192MB ram
				 P200mmx Voodoo3 128MB mem and AMD K6 300 64MB mem Voodoo2
Editor(s) used                 : WC 3.3, ZHLT, PakScape
Known bugs                     : Security doors may not reset properly on round restart.
				 Secruity doors can be opened by Comm.

				 Please report any others that you find.

New sounds/textures/entities   : None
Download, unzip, and put all of the files into your c:\sierra\half-life\ns directory
(your drive letter and path may be different).

This Half-Life map/level (The Kobayashi Maru, ns_maru_b2.bsp) is (c) 2003 David Smart.
DO NOT include this level/map on any sort of commercial product or
compilation unless you have permission from me.
You MAY distribute this BSP/TXT file through any other means,
provided you include this .txt file (unaltered) and it is free of charge.
Do not modify this BSP in any way. Have fun.

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