NS Trane 07

NS Trane 07 map for Natural Selection.


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NS Trane 07 map for Natural Selection.

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Download 'ns_trane07.zip' (3.29MB)

ns_trane Beta 0.7


Andrew Padt aka "Jester" - "Heist"

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Changes / Bug Fixes
0.07	- Re-Textured parts
	- Fixed outside bug
	- Fixed crash on block door
	- Fixed more stuck points

0.06	- Added new resource node (close to marines)
	- Compiled wads into bsp

0.05	- Added a few lights
	- Added Func-Seethroughs for Command-View
	- Added env_gamma and changed Gamma Ramp to 1.1
	- Fixed Buggy button
	- Added correct wad's to zip

0.04	- Recompiled into smaller .bsp

0.03	- Added environment sounds
	- Added particle systems
	- Added general ambience entities
	- Added hive "Weld Sequences"
	- Fixed stuck points
	- Rails are now able to be shot through
	- Finished Vent system
	- Fixed the buggy wall in fluidics

0.02	- Fixed moving buttons
     	- Fixed the swinging door that opened in the wrong direction
     	- Fixed the Ladder Bug that was crashing the client
	- Increased Delay Time on Elevator Trigger
	- Added damage for elevator collisions

0.01 	- Added ReadyRoom
     	- Added Elevator entities

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