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The author of this mappack "Brendon Chung" was disappointed with the lack of teamwork in the Opposing Force single-player mode, and develope...


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The author of this mappack "Brendon Chung" was disappointed with the lack of teamwork in the Opposing Force single-player mode, and developed Bootleg Squadrog for the purpose of co-operating with Opposing Force's npc soldiers. However, it's now available for even more teamwork, as up to 5 players can finish this Opposing Force mod co-operative.

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Download 'ofcoop_addon_bs.zip' (4.35MB)

Half-Life, Half-Life: Opposing Force and Half-Life: Opposing Force Coop on either WON or Steam is required to play. 
You must also either have an LAN or internet connection.

How to install
Start the Bootleg Squadrog Coop installer and install it to the same folder as you
installed Opposing Force Coop to. After you installed, you will need to find the
"skillopfor_bs.cfg" and "skillopfor.cfg" at the gearbox folder, then you will first need to
rename "skillopfor.cfg" to another name like "skillopfor_op4.cfg" and then rename "skillopfor_bs.cfg"
to "skillopfor.cfg". This is necessary for running Bootleg Squadrog coop as flawless as possible.
If you wanna play original Opposing Force Coop again, rename "skillopfor.cfg" back to "skillopfor_bs.cfg"
and "skillopfor_op4.cfg" back to "skillopfor.cfg".

Create a server
Go to "Start -> All Programs -> [HLCoop] -> Opposing Force Coop -> Bootleg Squadrog" and choose a map. 
After the server started, you'll need to type "restart" in console to make all monsters spawn.

The mod was created by Brendon Chung, and converted to coop by Zhouy from the [HLCoop] clan.

Special thanks to "AirWolf" from Firearms forum for the guide "Multiplayer Cut Scene Technique" and 
"[HLCoop]Whatever you want" for helping and beta testing.

Original readme
Bootleg Squadrog
Date                    :  January 2003

Author                  :  Brendon Chung

Description             :  And you shall achieve it through
                           the use of superior firepower.

Thanks to               :  id software
                           valve, gearbox

And a special thanks to Your Evil Twin (Alexander Van Wingerden-Cross)
and Pokec for kindly beta testing these maps! Bootleg couldn't have
been made without them.

* Install Information *

This is a map pack for Half-Life: Opposing Force. If you do
not have the Opposing Force add-on, you will not be able
to run these maps.

Unzip all the files into your halflife directory. Make sure
you maintain subdirectory structure when unzipping.

Then in Opposing Force, activate the console and type in:

	map bs_boot1

* Note *

I have included a custom SKILLOPFOR.CFG file that is placed
into your GEARBOX directory. It has custom settings needed
to complete Bootleg. Basically, it beefs up your marine buddies
and makes headshots more deadly to monsters.

If you wish to revert to original Opposing Force settings,
SKILLOPFOR.CFG can be safely deleted. However, once the file
is deleted, Bootleg will become almost impossible to complete.


"Bootleg Squadrog, sir. It is not about individualism. It is
 not about cowboy heroism. It is about being one cohesive unit.
 The only identity I have is that of a group identity."

                                      -Adrian Shepherd
                                       3rd Regiment Bugstompers
                                       Blumberg Base, Wisconsin

Excerpt from "History Belated: The Black Mesa Incident"
(New Mexico Collegiate Press, Hobbs, 1987)

Chapter 10.4

Dust on the lens was a prior culprit and it was believed that
it was dust on the lens yet again when the infrared negatives
showed ground anomolies. The region in question was southwest
North America, specifically the northwest quadrant of New Mexico.

Satellite reconnaisance noticed objects spontaneously appearing
on the desert sands in periodic intervals of 10.67 hours. The
first object was a 1961 Buick Oldsmobile. It was hastily whisked
away by Black Mesa technicians soon after its appearance. The
vehicle was later followed by a striped basketball, a portable
oven grill, and a small brown kitten (most likely a Calico).

Trans-teleportation was a hot-button topic during World War II,
culminating in the bittersweet Philadelphia/Norfolk incident
and the lesser-known Wilmington/Atlantis dilemma. The research
being conducted at Black Mesa was highly illegal and scientifically
dubious. But, not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, a
decision was made to preserve Black Mesa and extract prime

The call was made for base infiltration and the exfiltration
of one key scientist named G. Freeman. A marine squadron
stationed in Wisconsin answered the call.


* Construction *

Base                    : none
Editor(s) used          : WorldCraft 3.3
                          MDLViewer 2.1
                          Wavelength Sprwiz
Known Bugs              : People riding trains will madly jitter.

                          The first few level transitions will
                          prohibit players from visiting previous
                          maps. This was due to an anomaly of
                          the game_player_equip entity.

Compile machine         : P3/667  256Mb ram  Win98

* Other Info *

I was very impressed with the job done on Opposing Force. The
new models were very well done and the "attitude" of the whole
deal was spot on.

But throughout the game I was hoping to see more squad-based,
teamwork scenarios. These are supposed to be highly trained
marines after all; working as a lone cowboy just seemed out
of place.

So Bootleg Squadrog is my attempt at team-based goodness. I
am fascinated with organized military maneuvers, and the
scripting system of Half-Life made squad implementation

The title refers to the classic RTS game Herzog Zwei.

* version history *

	January 2003
	First Release

	September 2004
		- fixed "monster in wall" error in bs_boot1.bsp
		- fixed skyname error in bs_boot4.bsp
		- fixed skyname error in bs_mesa2.bsp

previous maps:
-"Citizen Abel 1: The Self-Entitled Adventure" (q2)
-"Citizen Abel 2: Bargain-Bin Savior"          (q2)
-"Citizen Abel 3: The Civic Redemption"        (q2)
-"Citizen Abel 4: Malfunction Junction"        (q2)
- various deathmatch maps (d99dm1 thru d99dm9) (q2)
-"1986"                                        (hl)
* Copyright / Permissions *

This level is (c) 1999 Brendon Chung.
You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial
product without permission from the author. You may not mass distribute
this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to
compact discs, and floppy disks.

email me at  blender81@hotmail.com

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