PAF Firearms map pack 1

RSRS[Hitman ob...


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Maps included in this pack:

sd_durandal_r47_dusk - ]RS[Hitman cti_arctic - FA team cti_supersixfour_r14 (dusk version) - ]RS[Hitman obj_deadlycargo - No Mercy sd_oberland (beta 1) - Alejandrodaj tp_zerk - Bezerker mmp_FTForestFinal - Shinobi mmp_HoldtheHill - Shinobi mmp_JungleForts - JonM mmp_sniper_2v2 - CoPKiLlA mmp_Dyerandul - Shinobi ft_box - unknown ft_fterror - unknown issas_box - issa :0 sd_durandal_r47_night - unknown obj_firebase_r11 - unknown obj_firebase_r11n - unknown sd_gwar - unknown ps_ruins - unknown objsdtc_outpost - unknown ps_waterfall - unknown push.wad - unknown

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Download 'paf_fa_mappack1.exe' (50.45MB)

PAF Firearms Map Pack 1

FA Game Server: !Punk Ass Fraggers Firearms Server #2

PAF_FA_MapPack1 Release Date 11/16/02
Compiled by: {PAF}SoopaFlyYT

This is the first collection of additional maps used on the PAF Firearms server located at !Punk Ass Fraggers Firearms Server #2
No member of the PAF created these maps and all the creators are listed below.

Map Names and Credits

Title : psobj_thanatos 
Author : Sulsa
Email Address : 
Filename : psobj_thanatos.bsp 
Filesize : 10 mb unzipped 
Date : 9/30/2002
Description : PUSH-  Capture all 7 push points in order.
Description : OBJECTIVE-  Retrieve 'important documents' from office and put them into your own safe. 
Other work : Chaocity 1.0, Chaocity 2.0, Chaocity 3.0  All for Halflife Deathmatch 


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