It was written in the ancient scrolls of Xian, that during the last Crelat of Xen time, a portal would be ope...


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It was written in the ancient scrolls of Xian, that during the last Crelat of Xen time, a portal would be opened between two universes and a being would cross the void and cause the second re-birth of Nihilanth, and all Xen would be drained of their lifeblood, their knowledge. And that, in this time, the Xen race would be oppressed by the armies from the far side of the portal.

It was also written that once the portal was opened, a human known as "Freeman" would cross the galactic transverse into Xen space, and set free the three sacred Telnorps, the guardians of the gate who had been captured from the ancient enemies of the Xen, the Zan from the Theldran galaxy.

And so it was that the prophecy came to pass, and the weakened Xen were powerless to resist an onslaught from the Zan. In the dawn of the first Ashaan of Xen time, the elders of the high council sanctioned an uneasy alliance with the perpetrators of the impending disaster, the Human race, in order to restore the sacred telnorps, and thus sealing the Zan gateway….. forever.

The ambassador of the alien Investigation unit on earth was called upon to "redeem" the situation by employing the use of the very individual who had inadvertently caused the situation....

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Redemption is an add-on pack for Valve software's Half Life. It has been produced by Maverick Developments (
Information directly concerning Redemption can be found at url:

This version is the final commercial release version. It offers many enhancements over the earlier public test version. 
All user raised in game problems have been corrected. 
The end level has been totally re-written, including its style of game play.
An additional level has been written into the third episode.
Several levels have extra enhancements and increased game play.
Many new textures and sounds.

It features 4 defined episodes, over 30 map files,  plus a host of sounds, textures and other artwork additional to the original game.

Please note: The storyline is critical to the enjoyment of Redemption, there is a long intro sequence in Redemption which relays to the player the key elements of the product....please concentrate...the action will soon take over....   ;-)
The purpose of the overall mission is to return 3 sacred butterflies (telnorps) to their galaxian planetary seal and save the universe as we don't know it....

Redemption has been produced to "showcase" the talents of the Maverick
Developments team. If you are an employer in the industry and would like to discuss working with the team (or members of the team) then please contact Phil Daniels or check out the teams key skills and abilities at

Maverick Developments are currently producing an "in-house" total conversion
product for the Valve Half-Life engine entitled "Wanted! The Half-Life Western Pack"
Full details can be found at this product is still in search of a publisher

Redemption requires a very high spec machine. A P200 (first generation) voodoo 1 64 Mb just gets by....just! Redemption only works on machines running 3D acceleration and ensure that ALL un-necessary programs running in windows are shut down prior to running Redemption. Version 1009 of Half Life itself (or later) must also be installed.

Please ensure you have FUN.....   ;-)





You can Email any support related questions directly to Maverick Developments. This
does not include hints or tips please. A full walkthrough is contained in the Redempt dir. Your opinion (constructive !) is vital to future product development, so please Mail your thoughts to Maverick Developments.
Please note: any mailed requests for tips will not be replied to, sorry but please refer to the text file.






A host of individuals contributed greatly to Redemption, without them you would not be enjoying the product.

The primary producers of the product are:
Phil Daniels and Tony Newton

Model and Code work: 
Mike Blowers

Jordan Weber-Flink as Gman
Derick Snow as Barney

Beta Testers: 
Shaun Gurden 




Christopher Buecheler     at [email protected]    (mail)
For the amazing Shaolin Temple textures

Taxi and Police Car and Replicator       David Spurr

Based on ideas and Prefabs by....
Street and Toilet                                   Lord Dakushna
Road and Cones and Truck                    Yak_Fighter
Cafe                                                       Whiplash
Lorry                                                      Dave Waters
Cameras and Bench                               No contact...but thank you


Thank God these people exist: 
Neil Manke

Recommended Web sites:

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