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This file will install the Half-Life Sands Of War mod onto Steam. v1.4 ----- ...


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This file will install the Half-Life Sands Of War mod onto Steam.

v1.4 ----- [01.12.04]

Changes/Additions: ------------------ - Soundtrack by Synchaoz - New PSG1 skin (one for each team) - New knife models (one for each team) - New grenade models - Mapvote system(Needs tweaking and testing) - Linux build, thanks to BigBird - New map: sow_close - New mpa: sow_Khefren - Updated map: sow_Nbz - Updated map: sow_Riyaq - Updated map: sow_Kantzuo - Updated map: sow_Hangar - Falldamage is by default set to realistic - FGD updated to v.1.17. Changelog in sow.fgd - Flagnames are now shown next to the flag on the hud - Check teammates position on the scoreboard - Info_location added - Added sv_lan 0 and sv_region 3 to server.cfg. - The tripmine will now be removed when game restarts - The lights now reset when game restarts - The trigger_once will now reset when game restarts - You can only pick up a backpack if you havn't allready full ammo - Changed scoring so team gets 1 point for every flag taken and 5 points when winning - When changing class you will no longer die instantly - Added "framerate" to "sow_flag"

Bug fixes: ---------- - Added missing crosshair sprites - Now the team score is shown properly - NV now toggles off when game restarts - The MOTD now shows up - Now it says "Commando" on the scoreboard - Made it so the nightvision cannot be turned on during team/class select - When getting ready to throw a grenade and then switch to another weapon the grenade will no longer spawn - Now the crosshair (and radar) are removed when the hud is removed (the suit) - Removed Cros-01.spr and Cros-02.spr as they are not used

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