Science and Industry V1.0 Windows Client

This is the full installer for Science and Industry Version 1.0


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This is the full installer for Science and Industry Version 1.0

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Download 'si10.exe' (73.98MB)

Here is the list of changes since version 0.97b: 

Improved netcode (client side weapon effects) 
Improved HUD (status HUD, cloning HUD, notices) 
Improved map briefings 
Updated maps: si_deep (Chaos), si_depot (Chaos) 
Added new device: the EMP Cannon 
Added new player model "Yvan", companies now have different player models (MCL is Charlie and Yvan, AFD is Vinnie and Butch) 
Added high definition models for the scientists and the administrator 
Added "glow" visual effect option 
Added detail textures for each map 
Added Team Panel displaying the location and status of your teammates on the HUD 
New techtree and voting system 
New HUD font for the AFD company's employees 
Added secondary mode to the Cloak: it makes you completely invisible and you can move freely for a short period of time 
Tweaked many weapons 
Added more hints (mindraying players, looking at a breakable, touching your admin, touching a dropped scientist from your company) 
Added breakable HUD identification 
Changed the "Ammo Replicators" researches: they now also increase the maximum ammo you can carry for each weapon 
Reduced start player death cost from $1,000 to $800 
Tweaked the default value of some gameplay settings 
Fixed the "remloc" command, it wasn't removing the location from the map .loc file 
New Client CVARS: 
cl_votemenu_lightmode (default=0) : if set to 1 only the vote buttons will appear in the vote menu. 
glow_blur_steps (default=0) : if set to >= 1, a glow effect is applied to the screen. The higher the setting the more passes are applied, a good setting is 4. For high end computers only. 
hud_notices_filter (default=0) : set to 1 to remove most of the notices and keep only the few important ones. Set to 2 to remove even more notices and keep only the ones that give information that isn't already somewhere else on the HUD (team panel, scientist number). 
hud_teampanel (default=1) : displays a list of your teammates with their locations. White background color means the player is carrying a scientist. Yellow = carrying a resource, Grey = just dropped a scientist or a resource, Red = just died, Blue = just killed an enemy carrying a scientist. 
You can now define your own weapon slots, positions and weights by editing the weapons.cfg file. 
And more new client cvars, the whole list is available in si/doc/cvarlist.txt. 
New Client Commands: 
sirecord: starts recording a demo to the file "date-time-map.dem" (eg 2004_06_25-22_14_47-si_laser.dem) 
New Say Text Commands: 
^x (where x is a number between 0 and 8) : colored text. See si/doc/cvarlist.txt for the list of colors. 
New Server CVARS: 
si_clanmatch (default=0) : when enabled, player stats will be retained for a short period of time after they disconnect from the server so that their score will not be lost if they lost connection for some reason. If set to 2, the game will automatically be reseted once the pre-match time is over. If set to 3, the pre-match warm up will be done with everything researched. 
si_c4briefcase (default=0) : set to 1 to enable the C4 Briefcase research. 
si_nobcthirdperson (default=0) : if set to 1 players won't be able to switch to third person view when using the briefcase. 
si_action (default=0) : if set to 1, players can bunnyjump faster when leg implants are researched. 
si_fastweapons (default=0) : if set to 1, players can switch weapon right away after firing with the Shotgun, Colt or Rocket Pistol. 
si_forceteam (default=1) : if set to 1, players can't join the company with most players. Automatically disabled if si_clanmatch is set to >= 1. 
New Server Commands: 
startmatch : resets the game after a countdown of 10 seconds.

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