Science & Industry V0.97b Full Windows

This will install Science and Industry 0.97b on your computer. The file includes everything you need to play SI.


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This will install Science and Industry 0.97b on your computer. The file includes everything you need to play SI.

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Download 'si97b.exe' (74.76MB)

Here's a list of what's new in this release: 

New maps: si_deep (Chaos), si_depot (Chaos), si_forge (RhoadsToNowhere), si_movealong (Behrooz), si_optica (tommyd), si_replicant (Cadaver), si_retrovirus (Cadaver), si_spa (Cadaver), si_wonderland (PapasNewBag) 
Updated maps: si_daybreak (Chaos), si_urban (Chaos) 
New gameplay mode - resource race (featured in si_movealong) 
New explosion effects for Satchels and Tripmines 
New team weapon models: Briefcase, Tau Canon, Grenade, Shotgun, Tommygun, Colt, Tripmine 
Added scientist animations when a scientist wakes up from unconsciousness and is about to teleport back to his/her lab 
Added lightbulbs above scientists when holding the Mindray or the Radio showing the scientists' efficiency 
Added team colored Tau Canon effects 
Added Colt secondary fire as a zoom if your team has researched Ocular Implants 
Added Briefcase secondary fire to throw the scientist you are carrying 
Added new research: Super Jump Module 
Added map locations (%loc are replaced by the player's location) 
Added health and armor communication (%H and %A are respectively replaced by the player's health and armor) 
Added commandmenu (+commandmenu command) 
Added Steam background image 
Added a speed-o-meter display (disabled by default) 
Akimbo snUzis can fire underwater 
Improved spectator and HLTV modes 
Some game balance improvements 
Fixed bug where headshots weren't doing any extra damage. 
Fixed bug where if mp_weaponstay was set to 1, players could keep on capturing a weapon and have their score reach the thousands. 
Fixed Ocular Implants zoom commands not working. 
Fixed end researches not giving any extra cash bug. 
Fixed solid dead bodies bug. 
Fixed scientist capture money bonus bug. 
Fixed spectators scaring scientists bug. 
Fixed wrong team respawn bug. 
Fixed tripmine and satchel limits bug. 
Fixed double start research bug. 
Fixed more than 6 scientists bug. 
Fixed $-100,000 unemployed team scoreboard bug. 
Fixed bug where explosives in confined spaces would do extra damage and go past walls. 
Fixed bug where Tau Canon secondary fire would sometimes hurt you back. 
Fixed elevator sound bug. 
Fixed bug where the Mindray hint would not show up. 
Fixed some demo recording glitches. 
Fixed bug where you would hear footstep sounds when in water, swimming near the bottom. 
Fixed an exploit allowing to vote for any research. 
More little fixes/improvements 
New Commands:

AddLoc [name] : adds the location you're at (x y z) with the name you typed ([name]) to the map .loc file 
RemLoc : removes the closest location from the map .loc file 
+normaljump : performs a normal jump even if you have the Super Jump upgrade 
New Client CVARS:

hud_location_indicator (default=0) : 0: disables. 1: displays current location as a HUD element. above 1: displays a sprite at every location found in this radius 
hud_speedometer_text (default=0) : 0: disables. 1: displays current speed, max speed, and speed / max speed percentage as a HUD element 
hud_speedometer_bar (default=0) : 0: disables. 1: displays speed / max speed percentage in a graphic bar as a HUD element 
cl_explosion_detail (default=2) : how detailed should the explosion effects be? 0: no effects, 1: standard HL style explosions, 2: "enhanced" S&I explosions (flaming debris, shockwaves, etc.) 
cl_explosion_dynamiclight (default=1) : toggles display of explosion dynamic light 
cl_effects_tracers (default=1) : toggles display of Akimbo snUzis' tracers effect 
cl_effects_shelleject (default=1) : toggles display of ejected shells 
cl_effects_gaussballs (default=1) : toggles display of the tau canon ball effects 
cl_team_crosshairs (default=0) : toggles display of team colored crosshairs 
other new CVARS: use the in-game command menu to tweak your settings 
New Server CVARS:

si_researchspeed (default=1.15) : research speed multiplier 
si_freeresearch (default=5) : research minutes offered to both teams at the begining of the game 
si_constantresearchspeed (default=1) : each team will research at the speed of 3 scientists even if they have less or more if this is set to 1 
si_headshot (default=2) : headshot damage multiplier 
si_logcash (default=60) : logs each company's cash amount every x seconds

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