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After a long wait, v1.1 has been released! For those old Science & Industry fans, this is something sure you have to play! With tweaks, bug...


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After a long wait, v1.1 has been released! For those old Science & Industry fans, this is something sure you have to play! With tweaks, bug fixes, changes, and even new features such as the wall jump! For video tutorials, please click one of the links below:

Basics Movements Weapons and Devices

Science and Industry is a team play mod for Half-Life, in which players assume the role of a security officer in one of two rival corporations striving for domination in the cutthroat world of chemical and weapons research and development.

As a security officer, it is your job to acquire and protect your company's most valuable human resources: scientists. Scientists conduct research and develop new products, bringing your company profit. Conveniently, the products your company's scientists develop take the form of new weapons that you and your fellow security officers can use to pound the other company into submission.

Your company needn't be happy just letting its small staff of scientists toil away at new developments when there are plenty more scientist resources ripe for the picking at the competition. Stealing scientists from your rivals is a great way to boost productivity and keep those new weapons coming, but of course your competition has the same tactics in mind. So defending your company's scientists is just as important as "finding" new ones. Of course, the vagaries of particle physics are difficult to ponder in the middle of a firefight, so if you expect your scientists to be productive, you'd better keep the fight as far from them as possible.

For a complete Change Log, check out the readme below.

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Download 'si11.exe' (62.26MB)


* Added an announcer voice for game events.
* Added an overview of the map to the HUD, with sprites for your teammates, and a command to display the whole overview.
* Added a command vote system allowing players to vote for a server command such as changing the level.
* Added support for alternative game modes (Speed Capture, Midair, Last Company Standing, Fast Research)
* Added Tutorial Demos about basics, movements and weapons.
* Added S&I icon for Steam's game list.

Weapon and device changes:

* Rocket Pistol: 5 ammo per clip instead of 4, rockets are not affected by gravity, explosion radius reduced, self damage reduced when not carrying a scientist.
* EMP Cannon: cannister launch doesn't require a charge, cannister detonates on impact and now also deactivates radios, the EMP infection now disables Cloaking and the Super Jump implant too.
* Crossbow: unzoomed shot is now an explosive hitscan dart, the zoomed shot is the same, self explosive damage reduced when not carrying a scientist.
* The Tommygun can now only be researched by the AFD company, and the Akimbo snUZIs by MCL, both weapons have been changed to deal a same amount of damage.
* Cloaking Device: can now make you completely invisible instead of very slightly visible.
* Mindray: now also heals your company's scientists.
* Reduced Satchel limit default value from 5 to 3 per player.
* Reduced Tripmine limit default value from 5 to 2 per player.
* Reduced radio carry numbers from 3/5/7 to 3/4/5.
* Disabled explosives from dealing headshot damage.
* Increased explosive damage push for players standing up.
* Changed friendly fire off behaviour: firing at teammates doesn't hurt them but still pushes them.

Movement changes:

* Added new movement techniques: crouch sliding and super jumps off walls. The "Advanced Guide" featured in the Manual explains them, as well as the "Movements" tutorial demo available in the game.

Research changes:

* Reduced weapon stealing research bonus from a 42 second bonus to a 15 second bonus.
* Removed the cash bonus given for stealing a weapon.
* Reduced the refresh rate of experimental weapons.
* Removed the research bonus given for researching a technology already completed by the other company.
* Removed the si_constantresearchspeed server variable: research speed is always constant.
* Reduced Tommygun and Akimbo UZIs research time from 2:15 to 2:00.


* Updated the si_urban map to avoid the computer becoming unbreakable bug (contribution by Parasite).
* Fixed the delivery_zone entity crashing the server if it didn't have the "no salvage" flag set.
* Fixed rockets (and other projectiles and effects) exploding in the sky instead of disappearing.
* Fixed the arm color from the weapon model being blue when spectating AFD players in first person view.
* Fixed a bug where a same map could be played twice in a row if a changelevel/nextlevel command had been used before.
* Fixed a bug where radio music kept on after the radio was destroyed.
* Fixed mp_timelimit 0 setting the timelimit to 0 instead of infinite.
* Removed a few notices.
* Fixed scientist bulb displayed in an incorrect angle in first-person spectator mode.
* The correct weapon crosshair in first-person spectator view is now displayed instead of a generic crosshair.
* Removed cloak screen fading in first-person spectator view.
* Removed view punch when receiving negative damage (eg: barrel on si_movealong).
* Fixed bug where dying while using the cloak disabled the black screen fade out.
* Fixed server crash when a tech breakable was the target of another entity.
* Fixed si_clanmatch score keeping feature.
* Fixed a glitch on the overview for the si_mill map.
* Fixed a few glitches on the HUD.
* Fixed non working or messed up hint texts.

New Client Commands:

* callvote [command] [parameter]: allows a player to start a command vote (example: "callvote nextlevel si_daybreak")
* yes, no: commands to vote for or against the command vote currently in progress
* +showmap: displays an overview of the map with sprites for the teammates

New Client CVARS:

* cl_models_bright: players are brighter if set to 1 [default=1]
* cl_models_bright_notdeadbodies: dead bodies are not brighter if set to 1 [default=1]
* cl_models_bright_notteammates: teammates are not brighter if set to 1 [default=0]
* cl_models_hide_deadbodies: dead bodies are not displayed if set to 1 [default=0]
* cl_models_afd: option to force AFD players to all be displayed as the same model. 0 = not forced, 1 = Vinnie, 2 = Butch, 3 = low-polygon Vinnie, 4 = low-polygon Butch [default=0]
* cl_models_mcl: option to force MCL players to all be displayed as the same model. 0 = not forced, 1 = Charlie, 2 = Yvan [default=0]
* more: whole list of cvars available in si/doc/cvarlist.html

New Server Commands:

* mode [gamemodename]: executes "si/gamemodes/[gamemodename].cfg", used to set up all the server settings at once for a given game mode. Default game mode definitions are included.
* nextlevel [mapname]: selects the next map to be played instead of following the mapcycle.
* switchteam [playername]: switches the given player to the other team.
* randomteams: makes random teams with the available players.

New Server CVARS:

* si_lcs: if set to 1, enables the Last Company Standing (LCS) game mode. This is a round-based mode where dead players spectate until all the players of one company are dead, then a new round starts. Warning: if there are more players than spawn points on the map, some players will be telefragged at each round start. Should only be used as a fun mode on a server with a low max player setting (eg: 6 player server). [default=0]
* si_rp_midair: enables Rocket Pistol Midair game mode. In this mode players only spawn with the Rocket Pistol and deal damage only if the rocket hits a player while he's not on the ground. [default=0]
* si_jumpmode: if set to 1, enables the Jump Mode: players on the server go through each other, no damage is given, explosions don't push the other players, no limit to the players' speed is applied when jumping, infinite ammo is given [default=0]
* si_speedcapture: if set to 1, enables the Speed Capture game mode. Players always spawn from the same spawn point and must capture a scientist as fast as possible. The "startmatch" command starts a run. Demos are automatically recorded and by default only kept if the best time is beaten. [default=0]
* si_rp_midair: if set to 1, players only spawn with the Rocket Pistol and deal damage only if the rocket hits a player while he's not on the ground [default=0]
* si_voting_allowed: if set to 1, players on the server are allowed to start a vote [default=1]
* si_voting_time: sets how many seconds a vote can last [default=20]
* si_voting_success_ratio: decides how many "yes" votes are needed for a vote to pass, if set to 0.5 for example, more than half the players on the server must vote "yes" for the vote to succeed [default=0.5]
* si_voting_file: sets the name of the file to look into for the list of commands and settings that can be voted by the players [default=allowed_vote_commands.cfg]
* si_mapcfgexec: if the [mapname].cfg file is present on the server, it is executed after server.cfg when a new map starts. If the variable is set to a number above 1, it is the [mapname][number].cfg file that is executed.

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