Shores Of Victory V1.0 FULL Install



Shores of Victory is a class based first person shooter - upon arrival in game, you may select your team - the Axis, which consists of the Imperial Japanese Army, or the Allies, which consists of the United States Marine Corps. From there, you may choose your class - Rifleman, Squad Leader, Support Infantry, Sniper, RTO, or Corpsman/Medic. Each class has it's own special abilities and benefits, providing a high grade of realism and fun. After the class is chosen, you are able to choose your actual in-game appearance from a large selection of player models. Next, you are able to select your arsenal. You may choose your primary weapon, secondary weapon and ammunition, as well as many other important items. The possibilities are endless.

This is the V1.0 full installer for the Half-Life Mod Shores Of Victory!

Note: Be SURE to download the V1.01 patch before playing to fix certain bugs and issues!


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