Sven Co-op 2.0B Map Pack

Includes: Map: Haywire Author: Turrican First released map from communit...


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Includes: Map: Haywire Author: Turrican First released map from community regular Turrican, fight your way through a large complex. Well designed and reasonably difficult at parts. Map: Flee Author: TruSoulja Recently rediscovered, this has been a popular map on the Map Showcase forums. Map: Moria Author: Nipper Based around the Mines of Moria from Lord of the Rings, fight your way through the mines, battling Orc's and numerous other enemies. Atmospheric and well textured. Map: Cliffside Author: DutchTux Similar to Osprey, protect a remote Base, situated on a cliff from a military incursion by eliminating the Grunts Osprey. Simply a case of more of the same if you've played Osprey, but theres still plenty to set it out from the rest. Map: Preparationx Author: ThE.PrOFeSSiONaL This set of 3 levels features the most difficult last level in Sven Co-op history, good if you like a challenge or just like firing at a apache constantly for half an hour. Map: warehouse-invasion Author: Corona A walkthrough map, although not looking fantastic with its lighting or architecture, still features varying situations and great set pieces. Map: minotaur_maze Author: CyPrEsS_SoLjA You'll get lost, lots. Dark and not particularly filled with monsters, this map still presents a challenge due to its size and the complexity of the maze, and is great fun with a couple of players. Map: garghouse2k Author: Hezus Along the same lines as Garghunt, but in a warehouse, this map is a great example of how to do a Garg Arena map.

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SvenCo-op 2.0B Map Pack
First Released 28/03/02

Extract the zip to your Half-Life directory, this will place all maps in their proper directories.

To run these maps on your server, add the following text into
your SvenCoop\mapcycle.txt file:


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