Svencoop: Afrika Korps Bonus Map

A bonus Afrika Korps map for Sven Co-op by MysticMTD.


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A bonus Afrika Korps map for Sven Co-op by MysticMTD.

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SvenCoop 3.0 - Afrika Korps bonus map                           Release date: 28-12-2003
Install instructions:

Extract to your half-life directory and it will make sub-directory's.

NOTE: If you play this map and see some blue models you will need the transparant DLL's
      from Valve Software. If you have Day of Defeat installed or play Svencoop 3 on steam 
      you won't have to download the transparant DLL's to see the models properly.

Download the transparant DLL's here:

Place them in your half-life directory and overwrite all.


This is a bonus map for the afrikakorps serie. This map is not made for low end pc's. 

W_poly and E_poly can be quite high at certain places.

Performance can be low on old pc's. Online gaming on NON-dedicated servers without good 
connection probably can't handle it, you get dropped off the server, you are warned.

-This map was a expansion of afrikakorps1 and 2, but it was removed and objectives still remain.

-This map makes use of afrikakorps.wad and models etc.

Have fun.


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