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The Specialists(TS) is a modification for Valve's infamous first-person shooter, Half-Life. It is a real fusion of ideas, taking insp...


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The Specialists(TS) is a modification for Valve's infamous first-person shooter, Half-Life. It is a real fusion of ideas, taking inspiration from such famous Hollywood movies as Face/Off & The Matrix, mixed with the Hong Kong Blood Opera style of directors such as John Woo. All of this is added to classic yet innovative deathmatch & teamplay gametypes and mixed with an arsenal of realistic weapons, real freedom of movement, a great selection of maps and serious amounts of carnage.

It is truly a new style of gameplay offering endless hours with hundreds of weapon combos including dual pistols (many kinds), uzis, mand different rifles, shotguns , katanas, knives, most of which are customizable with lasersights, silencers, and much more. The slow motion powerups truly add a new level to the game, making for extreme fights. They also did a fantastic job with the modeling and texturing, making it look very smooth. This mod is definitely worth the download!

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Download 'tsbeta2.exe' (121.89MB)

Welcome to The Specialists Beta 2.0 (

The Specialists team, started 2 years ago by Morfeo and John_Matrix’s direction wanted and wants to create a mod for the great, 
famous and best-seller Half-Life, in which there are two primary objectives for the team to reach: Action movies’ gameplay style
but also credible realism, both for guns and their damages.Firefights, depending from the various gameplays that will be listed, 
will be both spectacular due to our “stunt” moves as well as spectacular for a new implemented particellar system, 
new muzzle flashes and weapons' realistic power. Players can shot down an enemy just with a burst of 9mm as well as a single shotgun shot.
Users will be able to choose if behave as an “action man” (use of light equipment, small caliber guns) taking advantage of their agility 
or behave as a “specialist” using large caliber weapons, which affect agility but improve firepower. It’s also possible to close any 
encounter with an headshot, which is, almost in all cases, lethal… But now don’t stay here, take a look to all “The Specialists” (TS from now on) new features!


The Team (

[Core Team:]

-Filippo "Morfeo" De Luca: Leader, head-Coder, head-Animator, head-Skinner, Modeller, Mapper and all the small things.
-Lorenzo "John_Matrix" Pasini: Co-Leader, head-Modeller, head-Public Relations
-Menso "Atomic Shiva" von Ehrenstein ( : Sound Artist

official mappers:

-Matthew "Schmung" Carter ( : Mapper (special thanks for his many maps & the hard work)
-3D-Mike ( : Mapper (special thanks for promotional TS animation and his professional help to TS)
-Doeke "Clan-Killer" Wartena ( : Mapper (special thanks for modelling the seal knife 2000)
-WillSchnevel ( : Mapper
-Cayle George ( : Mapper
-Scott "Dredd" Winchester ( : Mapper
-Sm0lders : Mapper
-Manah : Mapper
-Kruxus : Mapper


-Fabrizio "WarFox" Bernardi: Public Relations, Web work. (special thanks for the web work)
-Pierpaolo "Quakeman" Greco: Public Relations (special thanks for the PR work)
-Marco "Omega" Capone: Webdesigner, Skinner
-Francesco "Guybrush T." Degrassi : Linux porting
-Michele "SuperNovae" De Luca : Skinning help on some player models
-Alan Pipitone: 2D Artist
-Giulio "Maik" Redina : Weapon Consultant


-Chan Kong-sang ( (special thanks for forums administration and betatest server hosting)
-Joel "Flakk-" ( (special thanks for moderating forums)
-mew (special thanks for TS trailers)
-Ben "Nashwan" Whittingham (special thanks for the TS manual)
-necro (special thanks for betatest server hosting)
-Erik "Tempyst" Marks ( (special thanks for weapons alternative reload animations)
-Jorge "Vino" Rodriguez ( (special thanks for recording voices & other sounds)

[Special thanks to:]

Germano "Uoz" Guerrini
Holy Wars Team

[Previous Contributors:]

Graograman (Tecnical Consulant & comunity)
Holy Knight (Betatester)
Paddy (Betatester)
Sp@wn (Betatester)
U-Boat (Betatester)
Vokial (Betatester)
Komodo (Betatester) 


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