Timeline III: The Heart of Darkness


Timeline III follows directly from the end of Timeline II (but it's not necessary to have played that first...


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Timeline III follows directly from the end of Timeline II (but it's not necessary to have played that first).

After your successful mission in the Ice Age parallel universe, Barney and the Man in Blue have picked you up in Black Mesa's new time machine, and you're returning to Black Mesa for some overdue R&R. But your journey is about to be interrupted...

(Note: The pack includes a new hazard course. Playing it before the main mission isn't absolutely necessary but may give you some useful hints.)

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    Title:        Timeline III: The Heart of Darkness
    Filename:     darkness.zip
    Author:       Ross Smith
    Email:        [email protected]
    Home page:    http://halflife.mani.ac.nz/
    Description:  Single player adventure for Half-Life


    Unzip darkness.zip into your Half-Life directory. It should create
    a subdirectory called "darkness" and place all its files in there
    (if it doesn't, you have a corrupt archive or you didn't unzip it

    Copy your valve\config.cfg file (if you have one) into this
    directory if you don't want to set up all your customised controls

    There are three ways to start the game:

    (1) Start Half-Life normally. From the main menu, go into "Custom
        Game". Select "Timeline III" from the list, click on
        "Activate", then on "Done". You should now see the main menu
        against a new background. Use "New Game" or "Hazard Course" to
        start a game in the normal way.

    (2) Open the console (this is reached by starting the game with
        the "-console" command-line option, then either selecting
        "Console" from the main menu, or starting a standard game and
        then hitting the backquote key). Enter "game darkness", then
        "skill 2" or "skill 3" if you don't want to play on the easy
        setting, then "map dark01" to start the main mission, or "map
        darkhz1" for the hazard course.

    (3) Make a copy of the Half-Life shortcut on your desktop. Rename
        the copy to "Timeline III", then go into its properties
        settings (right-click on it and select "Properties" from the
        popup menu, or left-click on it and hit Alt+Enter), and go to
        the "Shortcut" tab. In "Target", add "-game darkness" to the
        command text (without the quotes, and with a space between the
        existing text and "-game"). This shortcut can then be used to
        start the custom game directly. If you want to get fancy,
        you'll find a suitable icon in the game directory.

    To uninstall Timeline III, just delete the "darkness" subdirectory
    from your Half-Life directory.


    * You may find that ambient sounds stop playing if you reload a
    saved game or return to a map you have already visited. This is a
    bug in the Spirit 0.5 DLL that I have no way of fixing (short of
    switching to Spirit 0.6, but that has worse bugs).

    * If you find yourself apparently stuck in the floor when a lift
    comes to a halt, you've run into a longstanding bug in the
    Half-Life game engine that's been biting people at random ever
    since the game was first released. Try moving around, crouching,
    or jumping while the lift is moving.


    Inspiration:  Dead World, My Dying Bride, Borknagar, Sirius,
                  Anathema, H. G. Wells's _The Time Machine_, Stephen
                  Baxter's _The Time Ships_, the _Mad Max_ movies, the
                  _Back to the Future_ movies, and lots of alternate
                  history stories about the Nazis. (And thanks to
                  ExLaX on the Hangar 16 forum for pointing out that
                  anything called "Heart of Darkness" wouldn't be
                  complete without a reference to _Apocalypse Now_.)
    Code:         Spirit of Half-Life 0.50 by Laurie Cheers (http://spirit.valve-erc.com/)
    Prefabs:      Adam "ShadowByte" Grebinsky ([email protected])
                  Razor ([email protected])
    Skies:        Alex "alX" Peterson
                  Dash (http://www.planetquake.com/dash/)
                  Justin Fisher (http://www.geocities.com/soho/lofts/1121/)
                  Mighty Pete (http://www.geocities.com/petes-oasis/)
                  Sock (http://www.planetquake.com/simland/)
    Textures:     Candace "Shebob" Sherriff (http://www.shebob.com/)
                  Christopher "Shaithis" Buecheler (http://www.texturestudio.com/)
                  Cid (http://www.saturn-online.de/~cosmo/)
                  Deraj ([email protected])
                  Dethtex (http://users.nac.net/schwenz/)
                  JCH (http://vibrants.dk/jchq/)
                  Kevin "Rorshach" Johnstone (www.3dpalette.com/~rorshach)
                  Locknut ([email protected])
                  Map Centre contestants; see credits/wad_mapcentre_crates.txt
                  Nick "Crinity" Coombe (http://www.planethalflife.com/crinity/)
                  Relic25 (http://www.deltatraining.com/relic25/)
                  Sean Johnson
                  Senn (http://www.planetquake.com/senn/)
    Playtesting:  Cody, DarkWolf, Graham Errington, Louis Daniel
                  Stillpass, Mike Richardson, Peregrine


    Single player:  Yes
    Hazard course:  Yes
    Multiplayer:    No


    Number of maps:  56 (hazard course 2, main mission 54)
    New monsters:    No, but some of the existing ones have new skins
    New sounds:      No
    New textures:    Lots; see the credits above
    CD tracks:       Yes


    Base:                 Mostly all new maps, but a few are based on
                          maps from the original Half-Life game.
    Prefabs:              Bradley APC by Razor
                          Cargo truck by Adam "ShadowByte" Grebinsky
                          Flatbed truck by Xirex (heavily modified)
    Editing tools:        Worldcraft 3.3
                          GNU Emacs 21.1
                          Half-Life Model Viewer 1.24
                          Paint Shop Pro 7.02
                          Wally 1.55b
                          Winbspc 1.2
                          Zoner's HL compile tools
    Development machine:  Athlon 1400 w/256MB, GeForce 2MX w/64MB
    Total compile time:   5 hours 15 minutes


    You may distribute this game in any way you like provided you
    don't change any of the files in any way. If you don't cooperate,
    then don't distribute it in any form.

    Authors may use these maps as a base to build new games. Feel free
    to grab anything you like out of it, provided you're making
    substantially new maps and not just minor modifications to mine,
    and you include appropriate acknowledgements in anything that uses
    my material.

    Half-Life is Copyright 1998-99 by Sierra Online and Valve LLC. All
    rights reserved.

    Timeline II: Iced Earth is Copyright 2001 by Ross Smith.

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