VIDAR'S NIFLHEIM 2 - Capture The Flag By: Neil Manke

Vidar - Norse God of Vengence Niflheim - Region of Ice and Cold



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VIDAR'S NIFLHEIM 2 - Capture The Flag By: Neil Manke

Vidar - Norse God of Vengence Niflheim - Region of Ice and Cold

Objective: Enter the enemy Fortress and make your way to where their Flag resides in the Tower. Grab it and bring it back to the base of your Tower. Place it on the raised square to Capture it. The flag will then return to the enemy Base.

Scoring: 10 points per Capture.

Notes: -Flag carriers drop the Flag when they die. Dropped Flags return to their Base after 65 seconds. -The ice tunnel under the glacier requires a detpack to clear. Another detpack explosion can re-seal it.

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CNET presents:

VIDAR'S NIFLHEIM 2 - Capture The Flag
Half-Life TFC 2Fort style map

Vidar - Norse God of Vengence
Niflheim - Region of Ice and Cold

By: Neil Manke

Vidar2 is a remake of my original Vidar's Niflheim TF map. Many
gamer's suggestions were taken into account but the primary 
changes had to do with improving the defendability of the flags.

If you have any comments or suggestions they would be greatly
appreciated. You can email me at <>. Thank you!


Level Design:               Neil Manke
New Textures and Sky:       Neil Manke
Design/Technical Advisor:   Einar Saukas
Sounds:                     Magnus Jansén

PlayTesting by:                    
                  [TiC] Clan

                  [WTF?] Clan

                  Top Ten Tournament

Additional Testing:         Lurker's Lair 
                            Paul Taylor
                            Evan Whiteside


* Thanks to     * Bill Harms at CNET
                * Lurker and Top Ten Tournament
                * [TiC] Clan and [WTF?] Clan
                * Ross Voorhees @ Riva3D               



1) Make sure you have Halflife version or higher,
i.e. one of those versions that include &quot;Team Fortress 1.5&quot;
(instead of &quot;Team Fortress Classic&quot;). To update your version
of Half-Life go to
or use Sierra's AutoUpdate feature.

2) Unzip into your Halflife folder. Make sure to enable winzip's 
'use folder names' option!

Remember, you must own a copy of the full retail version of 
HALFLIFE(r) in order to play this extra TFC level.  For additional 
information on how to purchase your very own copy of HALFLIFE(r) 
please contact.... 
or visit you local computer software retail store.

HALFLIFE(r) is a registered trademark 

* Level information *

TFC Map                 : YES

New Sounds              : Yes... 2 new sounds by Magnus Jansén

New Graphics            : New textures by me
                          New sky/enviro by me

Base                    : New level from scratch

Tools used              : Worldcraft 3.3, Paint Shop Pro,
                          PakExplorer, QPed, Wally, SkyPaint,
                          Spriteviewer, Zoner's Compile Tools.

Known Bugs/nonbugs      : None Known.
Distribution  :   For free distribution ONLY! 

Property      : The custom textures/graphics/sounds are the
                property of their respective authors and ARE NOT to be
                used in any other add-ons levels/paks/etc. without
                written permission from the appropriate author.

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